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new products that would make great gifts

Are you tired of spending weeks searching for the perfect gift? We’ve all got at least one person in our lives that is impossible to buy for because they already have everything. Trying to find something unique they’ll love feels impossible!

Gift giving has become a chore and we end up buying the same gift sets and food platters every single year. Generic gifts end up unused gathering dust or in the trash. Others are simply used up without a thought and forgotten, which isn’t what gift-giving is all about. You might want to pair even a gourmet food gift with something more permanent.

It’s time we take gift-giving to the next level. How are we going to do that? With crowdfunding websites!

Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo make it easy to find creative, fun gifts your loved ones will truly love. These platforms have turned thousands of innovative product ideas into reality and brought them to the market.

We can guarantee these creative gifts won’t be going in the trash.

We’ve scoured crowdfunding campaigns and found the best gift ideas for the loved ones in your life who already have everything. Whether it’s for a wedding, birthday, holiday, or graduation, at least one of these is guaranteed to be the perfect fit!

How Does Crowdfunding Work?

Crowdfunding platforms help people bring their ideas to life. Each project sets its own funding goal and deadline and then offers rewards in exchange for pledges.

Rewards for pledging for your cash can be anything from a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to a full range of products – depending on the pledge amount.

Some projects set ‘all or nothing’ goals. This means that only once the fundraising target is met (or in some cases, massively exceeded), the product can be manufactured and brought to life! If you’ve pledged enough money, you then get your awesome new product shipped to your door.

There are also ‘stretch goals’. These are unofficial targets set beyond the main fundraising goal and if met, new rewards and incentives are unlocked. This is a creative way to keep pledges coming in beyond the needed target.

Must-Know Crowdfunding Facts

  • There are over 100 crowdfunding platforms for projects that need funding. These include Kickstarter, Indiegogo, CrowdFunder, RocketHub, FundAnything and GoGetFunding.
  • Kickstarter is the largest crowdfunding platform. It has over 15 million users and has helped raise $4 billion in pledges so far.
  • Many fundraising projects have all-or-nothing goals. This means if the fundraising goal isn’t reached, the project isn’t funded and pledges are not taken. In this case, you won’t be charged and you won’t get the product.
  • Projects raising money might not be in production yet. So if you do find something you’d like to gift, you might have to wait a while to receive the actual product. This could be weeks or months, even years. Make sure you’re aware of how long the project could take before pledging.
  • You’ll have several different options for how much you pledge, so make sure you understand what you’re getting for your money! All details are clearly listed on the fundraising page.

If you do find an item in this guide that would make the perfect gift, but it won’t be available in time for the holidays, a nice idea is to give the recipient a gift card showing them what they’re going to get!

Let’s jump in and take a look at the best-crowdfunded gift ideas for the people in your life who have everything.

Gift Ideas For Adults

1. Morph Bottle – Essentials and Hydration in a Single Bottle

This is the ultimate gift for gym goers and fitness enthusiasts. Whether you’re heading to the gym, going out on a morning run, or hiking in the hills, the Morph Bottle is the must-have companion.

No matter where you’re heading, you’re going to have to carry your essentials. Your keys, phone, wallet, protein bar, and other items have to be carried along with you. But keeping them stuffed in your pockets is bulky and awkward when you’re working out.

It can be super stressful going for a run while worrying your keys are going to fall out of your pocket along the way.

The Morph Bottle has the solution. This nifty bottle allows you to store your personal belongings in your water bottle

Morph Bottle includes two separate compartments that adjust automatically based on the contents. One compartment holds your drink and another holds your everyday essentials, keeping them dry and safe.

This one solves a real problem and is guaranteed to be loved by any fitness lover on your Christmas list!

Cropped Fill Gym

Facts and Figures on the Morph Bottle:

  • Currently $50 on Kickstarter.
  • Holds 20 ounces of water alone, or 15 ounces of water when the item compartment is filled.
  • Sweat-proof insulation made with high-quality stainless steel.
  • Adjustable, removable storage for easy cleaning.
  • A stabilizing cap for balancing upside-down.
  • Silicone grip with easy-carry loops.
  • BPA and BPS free.
Check out the Morph Bottle on Kickstarter here

2. Grim Workshop Wearable Lock Pick and Escape System

The guys at Grim Workshop created this gadget with safety in mind. And it was so popular that it was fully funded on Kickstarter in just 5 hours!

This wearable kit takes up virtually no space. It includes lockpicks, shims, keys, files, and more, all sized to fit in your wallet, necklace, or keychain.

Beyond just the everyday convenience of being able to get back into your house after locking your keys inside (we’ve all been there!), this tool is a must-have for those unexpected situations we never imagine we’ll encounter.

Handcuff keys, shims, file, saw, and lockpicks mean you’ve got the means to escape just about any type of restraint in an emergency hostage or kidnapping situation.

The dog tag shaped tools are perfect for members of the armed forces, giving them quick access to emergency survival kits, escape, and basic tools at all times.

The miniature size and range of tools make this the perfect stocking filler!

Grim Key Card

Facts and Figures on the Grim Workshop Wearable Lock Pick and Escape System:

  • Currently $6 on Kickstarter for the Dog Tag sized toolkit
  • Made in the USA
  • Custom fabricated Tool Retention System giving you reusable tools
  • Concealable – they fit just about anywhere
  • Under 1mm thick
  • Made from Surgical Grade Tool Steel
  • Ultralight – the smallest tool is just 2 grams
  • Comes with a guarantee
Check it out on Kickstarter here or on their website here

3. Pivo. Get Insanely Creative GIFs, Photos & Videos

This awesome new gadget is a wonderfully thoughtful gift for entrepreneurs, small business owners, or anyone who wants to up their selfie game!

The Pivo is a smart, interactive pod for smartphone photography. With 12 epic features, you can capture time-lapse moments, shoot breathtaking panoramas, create professional looking interviews and how-to videos, and even turn a beautiful scenery pic into a tiny universe!

The possibilities for upping your photography skills are endless with this new device.

The Pivo intuitively tracks faces or objects, meaning professional videos are now easier to create than ever. You can even buy the turntable add-on to showcase products. No wonder it’s fast becoming a must-have for online business owners!

The compact, stylish design and the easy-to-use app make using this device quick and easy. There’s no need to have advanced photography skills – just hit the setting you want and go. It’s that simple!


Facts and Figures on Pivo:

  • Currently $69 on Kickstarter
  • 12 unique features for endless creativity
  • Live streaming option for social media
  • 3 optional add-ons for even more functionality
  • Accompanying app for IOS and Android
  • Stylish matte-black finish and compact design
Check it out on Kickstarter here or on their website here

4. Kushel – The Towel Made with Wood

We all know our planet is in a crisis with plastic. The wonderful David Attenborough opened the world’s eyes to the problems we need to deal with. We’re throwing away more than ever and our world is becoming more and more polluted.

Well, this eco-friendly company is doing something about it. Kushel is setting trends in the industry by creating beautiful, luxurious towels that give more back to the environment than they use to produce.

Kushel is the first towel made from organic cotton and TENCEL™ Modal, meaning they have absorbent wood fibers. This makes the towels biodegradable – maintaining a superior product while helping the environment.

They plant two trees for each towel bought and aim to become the first climate and resource positive textile brand.

By giving this gift, you’re also helping give back to the planet. And who doesn’t love to receive luxurious towels as a gift?

Set CloudWhite 1

Facts and Figures on Kushel Towels:

  • Currently $39 for a bath towel on Kickstarter
  • Absorbent wood fibers
  • Long-lasting softness
  • High-quality double loop construction
  • 600 GSM luxury density
  • Antibacterial
  • 100% vegan and biodegradable
Check them out on Kickstarter here or on their website here

5. Buttero Bifold Wallet | Mix & Match

A wallet is always a loved gift, especially for Dad. But do you find yourself buying a new one every single year because they wear out so quickly? Not to mention they all look exactly the same, right?

Buttero Bifold will be the last wallet your gift recipient will ever need. These beautiful leather wallets come in a wide range of customizable colors and layouts so you can create the perfect gift.

The stylish, minimal designs will be a hit with Dad, and the high-quality leather means these will stand the test of time.

The wallets are made from Italian Buttero leather and hand-stitched with waxed thread. This gives each wallet a high-quality finish that can handle a lot of use!

The optional layouts mean you can create a wallet that works perfectly for your loved one. And being able to create different color schemes gives it that personal touch that all gifts should have.

This one is sure to bring a smile to Dad’s face this holiday season!

Facts and Figures on Buttero Bifold Wallet:

  • Currently $149 on Kickstarter
  • Made with premium Italian Buttero leather
  • 6 card slots, 2 hidden slots plus a cash slot
  • Customizable colors and layouts
  • Hand-stitched with Italian waxed thread
Check it out on Kickstarter here or on their website here

6. Madeline: The Intelligent Flower that Plays With Cats!

Know a cat lover? Here is the perfect gift for them and their feline friend.

Cats need so much stimulation to keep them occupied, but when you work all day, they tend to spend a lot of their time alone. Boring, right? Plus, cats spend a significant part of the night awake while we’re asleep – that’s even more time they’re spending alone and bored.

Enter the Madeline. Madeline is a fun, quirky flower that intuitively detects the movement and position of your cat. It then tracks a laser light across the floor around your cat for your cat to chase! We’ve all seen the videos of cats chasing laser lights, so we know this is going to be a hit.

Madeline also tracks the movement of your cat as it plays, so you can see how much they’ve interacted with the flower when you get home by checking out the information on the app.

The Madeline takes away the guilt of leaving your cat alone. You can go to work knowing they’re going to have a blast with their new best friend.

Every cat lover out there is going to love this creative gift!


Facts and Figures on the Madeline:

  • Currently $75 on Kickstarter
  • Proprietary infrared technology safely tracks movement
  • Motion sensors as well as beacon sensor for a cat collar
  • Beautiful design with optional color choices to match your home decor
  • App tracking and control
Check it out on Kickstarter here or on their website here

7. Kore Tek Belt

Who doesn’t love a belt for Christmas? It’s one of those time-honored traditions. But just like wallets, belts are all the same, right? They get boring to give for gifts. And the main problem they all have is they don’t fit great due to the standard number of holes.

How many times have you had to stab extra holes in the belt to make it fit? It’s not a great solution!

Introducing the world’s first titanium track belt.

The new Kore Tek Belt brings you something new and innovative. It features Grade 1 Titanium Buckles in cool, modern designs and a unique Flex-Core™ center and micro track with more adjustment ability (40+ size positions) than any other belt.

You read that right, one belt has over 40 different sizing positions. Meaning one belt will fit everyone. That means after your Christmas dinner, you can easily adjust that belt a couple of notches to keep it fitting perfectly.

Kore Tek belts are the best-fitting, most comfortable belts you will ever wear. Who could ask for a better gift?

KS Tek Belt Pic IndieGoGo

Facts and Figures on Kore Tek Belt:

  • Currently $59 on Kickstarter
  • Full-grain leather
  • Titanium buckle in different styles
  • One size fits all – fully adjustable (40+ size positions)
  • Quick release tab for easy use
Check it out on Kickstarter here or on their website here

If the Kore Tek belt is not your style the you can check out Groom+Style’s complete review of the best men’s belts.

8. SHIVR-The Ultimate Comfortable Noise Cancelling Headphones

SHIVR are headphones – but way better.

Traditional headphones only deliver sound from the left and right side, but in real life, we can identify sounds from various directions, distances, and the surrounding environment. This reduces the quality and experience of traditional headphones.

SHIVR use a gyroscope technology-based 3D audio algorithm to achieve 3D spatial sound. This provides an incredible listening experience that will blow you away. Once you try out SHIVR headphones, you’ll wonder how you ever listened with anything else!

This is the perfect gift for gamers, music lovers and movie buffs. The immersive experience makes it feel like you’re at a live event and the ultra comfortable design means you’re not going to get the aches and pains of traditional headphones.

The beautiful design makes SHIVR a stylish, practical gift for gamers and audiophiles in your life. This one will definitely be a favorite this Christmas.

Picture of SHIVR Headphone

Facts and Figures on SHIVR:

  • Currently $129 on Kickstarter
  • Immersive 3D audio
  • Built-in gyroscope
  • Ultra-comfortable
  • Smart play/pause
  • Ambient sound mode
  • Sleek, minimal design
Check them out on Kickstarter here

9. TiKA – Your Modular Design Kit

Hands up if you loved Lego as a kid? Yes, it’s safe to say most people’s hands just flew up!

TiKA is the grown-up building kit you’ll love to display all over your home. TiKA’s modular system opens a world of possibilities through its five different sized wooden building sticks and small magnetic metal balls that act as connectors with flexible joints.

You can also choose from 3 different, but connectable, bases to build upon to create stylish, modern creations. Lamps, plant pots, and abstract artwork are just some of the amazing things you can create with this innovative new building system.

With different bases to choose from, the options are endless. You can even get LED TiKA sticks to turn your creations into functional lamps!

This gift will take your friends and family straight back to childhood. But unlike the stuff you built as a kid, these creations can be displayed in your home or office with stylish pride. Everyone is going to ask where you got your latest decor from!

Give this gift to the creative person in your life as something unique and truly special. And who knows, maybe they’ll create a beautiful new piece and gift it to you next year!

kit features

Facts and Figures on TiKA:

  • Currently starting at $49 on Kickstarter
  • Strong neodymium magnetic balls
  • Energy conducting sticks
  • Dimmable light and LED sticks
  • Unlimited lamp designs
  • Options for hanging plant pots and lamps
  • Endless possibilities for designs and creations
Check it out on Kickstarter here

10. The Kosan Go Travel Dress

You can never go wrong with a beautiful dress as a gift for a woman in your life. But it can be intimidating trying to choose a dress that’s going to fit, be the right style, and ultimately be loved.

It’s even more difficult choosing something for someone who is always on the go and traveling. You need to think about comfort, style, functionality, and ease which is difficult to find in a dress!

The Kosan Go Travel dress hits all these vital points in one beautiful dress.

If you know a traveler who likes to wear dresses on their adventures, the Kosan dress is designed to enhance their journey. It’s got tons of traveler-friendly features that will keep your loved one safe, organized, and looking fabulous.

The luxurious fabric has four-way stretch and just enough structure to ensure maximum comfort whether you’re sitting on a plane from Los Angeles to Australia or biking through the backroads of Bulgaria.

The Go Travel Dress has four hidden pockets for everything from your phone and passport, to your cash, cards, and lip balm. There are two large side pockets that are hidden by the use of invisible zippers, and two slots in the bust area.

There has never been a dress with more function!

This is the perfect gift for world travelers and busy moms who need that extra space to keep all their essentials on the go.

4K Capture 3213edit

Facts and Figures on the Kosan Go Travel Dress:

  • Currently $120 on Kickstarter
  • Travel-friendly
  • Cash and card slot
  • Lip balm slot
  • Back ventilation for hot climates
  • Phone and passport pockets
  • Adjustable length
  • Lightweight and easy to pack
Check it out on Kickstarter here

Another great idea for the adult who has everything is a personal breathalyzer – our team has reviewed the best ones available.

Gift Ideas for Kids

1. Fingertip Microscope – Add an 800x microscope to your phone

Ever wondered what a butterfly wing looks like up close? What about the structure of a cell or how a bacteria moves? It would be great to have a high-powered microscope at home, but those things are incredibly expensive.

The new Fingertip Microscope makes it possible at a fraction of the price.

This tiny little device attaches to your phone’s camera and transforms it into a high-powered microscope at the touch of a button.

Tech geeks will adore this device but it’s also a fun educational tool for kids. Imagine being able to bring their Biology class to life by exploring the microscopic world of cells and bacteria. One thing is for sure, you’ll get lost exploring the miniature world around you!

The packaging is also tiny (we expect nothing less) being the size of a credit card. So this makes a wonderful surprise gift that no one will expect.

You’ll be blown away by the magnification this microscope gives – head to the Kickstarter page to see some example photos of the amazing things people have captured!

main image 1b

Facts and Figures on the Fingertip Microscope:

  • Currently $39 on Kickstarter
  • Extremely high magnification – up to 800 times
  • Low distortion giving clear images
  • Easy to use, simply attach to your phone and download the app
  • A fraction of the price of a desktop microscope
  • Lightweight and portable
Check it out on Kickstarter here or on their website here

2. Real Racer – First Person View (FPV) RC Driving Experience

Know someone who loved racing cars around a track as a kid? They are guaranteed to love this one!

Get into the driver’s seat with this immersive driving experience. Drive fast, get reckless, and unleash your inner child with this FPV RC Racing Car.

Using a First Person View headset, an old-school controller, and awesome retro race car, you can shrink yourself and become a “mini” racer.

The headset makes you feel like you’re in the driver’s seat of your miniature race car as you drive it around any terrain. Race around the house, the park, or the city for a crazy experience.

Real Racer truly is plug and play with old school simple RC control. Just turn it on, connect your phone, and race! No complicated setup or know-how needed.

You can even record your races and share them with your family and friends. Capture every turn, jump, flip with the high definition camera using your smartphone.

NKP6537 1

Facts and Figures on the Real Racer:

  • Currently $159 for a set of two on Kickstarter
  • Includes scale car, headset, controller and rechargeable battery pack
  • High definition 720p camera
  • Speeds of up to 20kpm
  • Play range up to 30 meters
Check it out on Kickstarter here or on their website here

3. Monkeycycle: The 8-in-1 Bike That Grows With Your Child

A bike is always a great gift for the little ones in your life. But when they’re young, they grow out of their bikes so quickly!

First, they need a balance bike to gain their confidence, but soon they’re moving on to a 3-wheeler and before you know it, they’re on their big-kid bike.

With MonkeyCycle, you don’t need to worry about them growing out of their bike.

This modular bike grows with your child. Monkeycycle has 8 kits which transform the bike from a balance bike, into a 3-wheeler, into a 2-wheeler, to even a quad bike and more.

And don’t worry, the modular system makes it incredibly easy to transform the bike. So you won’t have to spend hours pouring over instructions to change the bike when needed.

The best part is, you’ll never need a new kids bike again. Which means you’re helping to reduce waste. Now that’s what I call a great gift!

IMG 20180409 WA0030

Facts and Figures on MonkeyCycle:

  • Currently starting from $199 on Kickstarter
  • Change the bike from a 6-month-old all the way to a 9-year-old appropriate bike
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum frame
  • Easy-reach brake lever
  • Ergonomically padded saddle
Check it out on Kickstarter here or on their website here

4. Toyi: Transform Everything into Unique Toys!

Here’s an age-old question, what do you buy for the kid who has every single toy on the market?

You spend weeks searching for the perfect toy for your niece, nephew, godchild, only to find out they already have it in their toy box. And even if it’s something they don’t have, they get bored with it in a matter of days and it sits gathering dust.

Toyi is the solution for kids who have it all!

Toyi is a limitless creative play kit without instructions that enables children to transform everything around them into unique toys.

With Toyi every child is a toy designer. A water bottle can turn into a rocket, an old box to a train compartment or a pine cone to a cute monster. Children can design their toys on their own or along with their friends, improve their creativity by making their dream toys come to life with Toyi.

The Toyi kit includes sticks, connectors, eyes, feet, hands, wheels and joints, so kids truly can turn anything into anything!

The best part is for every Toyi kit bought on Kickstarter, the company gift a kit to a disadvantaged child. They have a list of their charity partners on their website if you’d like to know where the donations go.

This one is the perfect gift because it grows up with your child. As they get older, their imagination expands and they can start creating more innovative and complicated things – all with the same kit! It’s the gift that never gets old.


Facts and Figures on Toyi:

  • Currently available starting from just $25 on Kickstarter
  • Already 1000 disadvantaged kids reached with Toyi
  • A range of bundles to keep adding to the fun
  • The largest kit features over 3000 pieces
  • Suitable age: 6 years+
  • No instructions or rules – let kids’ creativity run wild
Check it out on Kickstarter here or on their website here

That wraps up our list of the best gift ideas from crowdfunding sites for the person who has everything!

Each of these innovative new products is unique and no matter who is on your list, these gifts will surprise them like no gift ever has. Make sure to get pledging and back your favorite projects to help bring them to life now.  


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