Should You Trim Your Eyebrows As a Man?

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Should You Trim Your Eyebrows As a Man?

Lots of men are not sure about whether they should trim their eyebrows, so they just pluck stray hairs here and there, and basically, don’t do much else.

So should you be trimming your eyebrows as a man?

Well, if they say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyebrows must be the curtains.

If the eyebrows are bushy and unkept then it will draw attention, but in a negative way as opposed to if they were neatly groomed.

In the following article, we’ll take a look at some tips and tricks on grooming eyebrows for men.

Why Should You Trim Your Eyebrows?

Looking With One Eye

It might sound like something fairly obvious, but bad eyebrows can hurt your appearance.

Out of control eyebrows that are practically verging on a unibrow is a bad reflection on you and how to take care of yourself.

On the other hand, thinning eyebrows often seen in older men give an indication of the person’s true age.

Men in their early 20s and 30s tend to keep their eyebrows neat and tidy is a part of their usual grooming routine.

However, at this stage, some may only need to pluck one or two stray hairs, while others may need more work.

Once you get to your late 30s, you need to pay extra attention to plucking thinning eyebrow hairs and proceed with caution.

The good news is that in the 21st century, there are plenty of eyebrow solutions designed to make your eyebrows look thicker, but in a natural way. 

How To Trim Your Eyebrows?

Step One

The first tool that you will need is a mustache comb. Start by brushing the eyebrow hairs up while ensuring that the hairs point towards the forehead.

This ensures that you see the hairs that are longer and go over the natural line of your brows.

Alternatively, if your eyebrows are thinner than normal, then instead of a mustache comb, you should use a mascara brush. The tighter bristles will help grab the thinner hairs more effectively.

You can purchase one or simply use an old one your partner is throwing away. But be sure to wash the mascara away before using it.

Step Two

Trim the outside hairs after brushing the hair up. The hair should be as vertical as it can. Using a tiny pair of scissors, you may start trimming tiny hairs that extend beyond the top line of the eyebrows.

Use the natural line of the brows, and don’t go near the middles as you could leave a hole. The primary goal here is to shape your brows uniformly.

Step Three

Man Trimming Eyebrow

The stray hairs that make your brows look messy can be resolved using a tiny pair of scissors.

However, if you’re one of those people that have unusually heavy eyebrows, then you should invest in a specifically designed eyebrow trimmer, which will prove priceless when it comes to cutting through the volume.

So don’t attempt Th trimmer will ultimately give you a better overall finish than a pair of scissors. Before purchasing, ensure that the trimmer is designed specifically for eyebrows and not beards or heads.

Once you have your eyebrow trimmer in hand, simply move it over the hairs that were brushed vertically, sticking to the natural shape of the brows.

Step Four

So once your eyebrows have been trimmed, use a pair of tweezers to clean up the perimeter. Remember that you’re not trying to shape the brows, but you’re just cleaning it up.

So basically, pluck isolated hairs outside the natural line of the brows, including the unibrow zone. Tweezing is always better than shaving because the unibrow area is hard to navigate

Step Five

This step is optional; however, once you tweeze all the stray hairs, wash your face with water to flush away the trimmed hair and apply a clear brow gel.

This will make your brows look uniform, without any color. The bonus is that once you do this, you will be able to see any stray hairs that you missed.

What About Plucking Or Shaping?

Plucking Eyebrow

When it comes to getting your eyebrows done, there is always more than one option, and the reality is that it all boils down to personal preference.

So just as women pick and choose the way they want to groom their brows, so to can men.

If you are frugal and you don’t want to invest the money for a professional eyebrow service, then you can always DIY. It’s the more affordable option; however, it’s not without its challenges.

The main risk factor being that you could possibly rip off your eyebrows and will be forced to live with the consequences, at least until your eyebrows grow back.

What you need to keep in mind is that you should never overdo your eyebrows. So here are some tips on how to get your brows neatly groomed.

To Tweeze Or Not To Tweeze

Although there are many ways to shape your eyebrows, aside from tweezing, it doesn’t mean that you should use them. Minimal tweezing is often all that is required to neaten and shape your brows.

While waxing home kits have their fair share of benefits, such as removing the fine hairs that your tweezer cannot latch onto, the problem with waxing is that is it does involve a learning curve.

Not Going Overboard

As we mentioned earlier,  tweezing too much can result in sparse looking eyebrows. So the key is to avoid taking off too much and, of course, start slow. Additionally, bushy eyebrows are not really a bad thing.

If you’ve seen George Clooney, then he’s a perfect example of a good looking male with bushy eyebrows that look natural but are also well-kept.

So unless you have a unibrow that is out of control, all you may require is a pair of tweezers and a small amount of brow gel to tame the wild hairs.

Determining Eyebrow Perimeters

Man Eyebrow Perimeter

Before you can tweeze, you need to determine where your brows start and where they stop. You can achieve this by holding a fine-tooth comb in the middle of your nostril.

You can then start plucking stray or rogue hairs. To determine where your brow ends, use the same comb and make a line from the corner of your eye to the tip of your nose.

Then remove any excess hairs from the outside of these lines.

Trimming Top Hairs

Once you’ve found the start and stop points of the brows, it’s time to shape them from the bottom.

If you want to know why you start at the bottom, it’s because men who shape their brows at the top end up with highly-arched brows, and you need to keep the balance.

This balance will keep your brows looking youthful and full. If your brows are super long, the comb them vertically and trim with a pair of precision tip scissors.

Use The Right Products And Tools

For a basic tweezing job, you’ll need a pair of precision tip scissors, tweezers, a mirror, and a comb. Other tools and styling products are optional.

For example, brow styling gel makes brows look neater and keeps the shape in place, while a brow trimmer is specifically designed to trim brow hairs. As a bonus, it can also be used to trim facial hair.

Using Brow Gel

Brow gel can fill up sparse patches in your brows.  However, it will not cover up really obvious or large patches, but smaller ones can be concealed.

Leaving Greys

Man With Grey Eyebrows

As tempting as it may be to pluck every grey hair out,  it is recommended that you leave them be. This is especially if you have grey hair on your head as your brows should match your hair color.

Shaving Brow Hairs

If you ever considered this seemingly quick and easy way out, it’s best to reconsider. Shaving your brows may be quick, but the hairs will grow back in a matter of days, and you’ll need to shave again.

The hair could also grow back coarser, and this means that it will stand out from the rest of your facial hair.

How to Trim Men’s Eyebrows


Shaping and maintaining your eyebrows should be a regular part of your grooming and skincare regime.

Although the eyebrows are small, it can dramatically change the appearance of the face.

Always remember to start slow, and if you are in doubt, don’t be afraid to seek out and invest in a professional eyebrow cleaning service.

This, at the very least, will serve as a starting point to give you a guideline on how to go about doing your brows in future.


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