12 Benefits of Activated Charcoal for your Hygiene

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activated charcoal benefits

What is Activated Charcoal?

When you burn minerals rich in carbon at extreme temperatures, then you come up with activated charcoal.

Such minerals can include coal or wood, for example, to get charcoal powder. Further processing is necessary to attain the porous nature of activated charcoal by adding chloride salts.

After that, dilute acid is necessary to wash away any excesses, and the result is a fine powder known for its numerous uses and benefits.

Benefits of Using Activated Charcoal

1. Detoxifying the body

Now and then, your body needs to flush out all harmful substances, and it’s where detox comes in handy. When you take activated charcoal, you are guaranteed a cleaner system safe from any of these toxic substances.

How does activated charcoal achieve that? Well, it works to block further absorption and helps your system cleanse itself of them.

The results after using this product are a body safe from any harmful elements. Therefore, if you want to use activated charcoal for this purpose, mix one teaspoon of the powder in 1 glass of water and drink. You start to notice you have higher energy levels, and your mind is sharper.

2. Natural teeth whitening

charcoal in toothpaste

If you want more activated charcoal benefits, consider using it to whiten your teeth. Who doesn’t love a brighter smile?

Your teeth get stains quickly due to the foods and drinks you consume daily during each meal. By using activated charcoal, you not only get brighter teeth but also achieve better oral hygiene. It means you no longer have to worry about bad breath as you go about your day.

Activated charcoal whitens teeth by acting as an absorbing agent for all tidbits and plaque responsible for teeth staining. It’s one of the easiest ways to whiten teeth without having to break the bank. Therefore, once you decide to use it, take your toothbrush and pour the activated charcoal on it.

After that, brush your teeth as you usually do, ensure you pay attention to stained areas, and then leave it on for 3 minutes. Finally, rinse your mouth and repeat this process every day.

3. Cleansing the digestive tract

Another activated charcoal benefit to look forward to is a healthier digestive tract free from most ailments. You might be facing lower immune function and allergies resulting in abdominal pain and discomfort. Mostly, this is a result of toxins in the stomach that affect your performance.

By getting rid of them, you can function better by having more energy and less pain. The toxins that find their way to your body can be from the foods you consume or the general environment. Since most crops are grown using pesticides, these harmful chemicals easily find their way to your body.

For a thorough cleanse of your digestive system, mix 10gms of activated charcoal in 1 cup of water and drink. Do this about 1 and ½ hours before eating for a given period. Ensure during this cleanse to focus on consuming organically grown foods.

4. Use it as a beauty product

beauty products made of active charcoal

Apart from ingesting, activated charcoal benefits expand to beauty, which is essential to many people. You might want tighter pores and a more organic scrub for your face. Well, turning to activated charcoal is the best solution.

Many beauty secrets revolve around using activated charcoal in their treatments to get rid of harmful substances on the skin. A quick search shows the immense activated charcoal benefits of treating acne, healing scars, and balancing out different skin types.

For example, you can use it to help balance oily skin without the worry of using products with too many chemicals. Try using it as a face mask by mixing it with plain water and see the results.

5. Cleansing mold from the body

Did you know that there’s mold residing in your body at all times? Such mold is known to have a toxic effect and requires regular cleansing to rid its body. The mold is responsible for numerous ailments that afflict the body, including a low immune system, digestive problems, depression, irritable eyes, vomiting, etc.

The mold is from your environment, especially when living or working in an area with lots of it. When you spend much time in such places, you quickly inhale mold into your body resulting in numerous health issues. It’s best to avoid such areas or wear protective gear such as a face mask and gloves.

Work on cleaning out the mold using detergents such as borax and baking soda if you can’t move. Also, drink activated powder to cleanse the mold from your system.

6. Relieve intestinal gases

body detox with active charcoal

Digestive problems are a leading cause of bloating and intestinal gases that are known to be quite uncomfortable. After taking a meal, you start to notice your stomach getting more rigid and painful due to the rapid gas accumulation.

It’s best to turn to activated charcoal for fast relief to this problematic issue in such instances. Once in your digestive system, it works to bind all foods that cause gas, and you can quickly get rid of them in the loo.

A point of emphasis for this activated charcoal benefit is to consume lots of water with the powder and after. What water does is offer faster relief and also helps your body recover.

7. Healthier dreadlocks

As a lover of dreadlocks, you’ll enjoy this activated charcoal benefit immensely. What many people with locks complain of is the accumulation of products and dirt after some time. Such a collection is formidable to get rid of and requires extra assistance.

By adding activated charcoal into your cleaning routine, you rid the locks of all the accumulated grime. The result is healthier and shiny locks. Not only that, the sebum on your scalp is drawn and helps keep the hair moisturized. Also, once all the toxins are gone, you can enjoy hair that smells better.

8. Get rid of itchiness and dandruff

The scalp is quite sensitive and prone to dryness that at times can advance to dandruff. Here is where another activated charcoal benefit helps your hair remain hygienic. By using activated charcoal to cleanse your hair, you benefit from a healthier scalp.

Dryness is a result of low sebum production and harsher environmental conditions. What activated charcoal does is help the scalp remain itch-free and well moisturized. Also, it can help control the amount of sebum produces when you have an oily scalp.

As well, your hair can now grow longer as activated charcoal helps hair grow once the scalp is healthy.

9. Removing makeup

cleaning makeup with charcoal

Makeup requires careful removal to prevent any toxins remaining on your face after wearing it all day. There are plenty of ways to remove makeup but using activated charcoal is one of the best. Activated charcoal benefits extend to riding the face of all harmful toxins and products, leaving it fresh.

You have the option of using the direct powder or taking advantage of activated charcoal soaps. Such soaps dilute all the products and harmful substances, and then you can rinse your face with clean running water after.

10. Use as a natural deodorant

Did you know that you can use activated charcoal as a natural deodorant to eliminate bad smells? As much as one of the activated charcoal’s benefits is absorbing toxins, it also removes foul odors from your body.

Not only is it a better option as a deodorant, but it also lacks harmful chemicals found in other types. Mix the powder with water to create a thick paste and rub underneath your armpits. The activated charcoal neutralizes foul odor leaving you smelling fresh all day long.

11. Use it to purify water

purify drinking water

It’s best to purify drinking water. When mixed with water, all the harmful substance in the water binds to the activated charcoal.

Once that happens, you end up with water that’s safe to drink since activated charcoal is all-natural. There are numerous carbon water filters available that use activated charcoal particles for water filtration.

12. Alleviate fungal infections

Fungal infections are an eyesore and can be uncomfortable. Another activated charcoal benefit is using it as an antifungal applicant. By applying an activated charcoal paste on the affected area, you rid the body of pathogens known to cause the condition.

Take the activated charcoal and mix with a little water to form a paste for skin application. As for internal fungal infections, mix one teaspoon of the powder with 1 cup of water, then drink the solution.


There are numerous activated charcoal benefits to look forward to, which explains its popularity.

Try it out and see which of these benefits suits you best. It is known to remove toxins but is natural hence a better solution than many other products.


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