14 Best Digital Watches Review: Great Value, Rugged, Every-Day Watches

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Let’s be very practical from the start: not everyone on the surface of the Earth goes grocery shopping with a Patek Philippe strapped around their wrist. Nor do they wear a Rolex Daytona to ride their bike and keep track of their performances. The world is full of situations where understatement is a virtue, even … Read more

Why Fitness Watches Will Change Your Life

fitness watches change your life

Are you interested in living as long and healthy a life as possible? Good habits are critical to meeting your goal, and working out to stay fit is one of the important habits you need to develop. If you’re not bursting with excitement when your scheduled workout time arrives, fitness watches will change your life … Read more

7 Myths Uncovered About Sports Watches

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7 Myths Uncovered About Sports Watches Sports watches are a crucial accessory for anyone trying to get fit through exercise. However, there are thousands of them on the market, many promising benefits they can’t possibly deliver. With this in mind, let’s look at seven myths about sports watches. 1. Sports Watches Make You Fit Sports … Read more

How to Guide – Luxury Mechanical Watch Service, Maintenance and Care

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How to Guide – Luxury Mechanical Watch Service, Maintenance and Care It’s a terrific feeling to buy something that’s brand new. Whether you’ve made a major purchase like an automobile or a smaller one like a food processor, nothing’s better than using it for the first time. The car’s smooth pickup as you pull out … Read more

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly of Buying Luxury Mechanical Watches

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Few people need a watch to tell the time anymore. At home, at work there are digital watches on appliances, on electronic equipment and in the corners of our computer screens. When we’re out in the “real world,” a quick glance at our smartphones tells us not only the time, but also the temperature, what’s happening … Read more