Why Fitness Watches Will Change Your Life

fitness watches change your life

Are you interested in living as long and healthy a life as possible? Good habits are critical to meeting your goal, and working out to stay fit is one of the important habits you need to develop. If you’re not bursting with excitement when your scheduled workout time arrives, fitness watches will change your life … Read more

Top 12 Mistakes To Avoid While Using A TreadMill

12 mistakes to avoid using a treadmill

Ahh, the treadmill. Some people love it, some people hate it. Some people have a love/hate relationship with it. However you feel about the treadmill, irrespective of whether its the best treadmill money can buy, it just doesn’t matter; cardio is an important part of any fitness enthusiast’s routine. This makes the treadmill an integral … Read more

Top 8 Myths Of Ab Workouts

ab workout

A large number of people want rock-solid abs. Several workouts, such as crunches, bicycle crunches, leg raises, cable rotations, etc., can help you achieve great abs. How many people really know how to do these exercises properly? For a huge number of people, working out every day for several hours does not yield any results. … Read more

8 Essentials to Equip Your Ultimate Home or Garage Gym for Under $1500

Equipment Ultimate Garage Gym

8 Essentials to Equip Your Ultimate Home or Garage Gym for Under $1500 You can get a monthly membership at a local globo gym for around $20-30, which makes it a bargain even if you only go twice or three times a month. Spread out over a year, it still only amounts to a little … Read more

Yes, You Do Need To Run a Marathon! Good News, You Can!

running a marathon_header

Running Your First Marathon – Motivation and Training Tips Listen ladies and gentlemen, you need to run a marathon. Even if you do not see yourself as a runner, or consider running to be a tool in your bag of exercises, you simply must run a marathon. The truth is, we are all runners. Yes, … Read more