Are You Sabotaging Your Muscle Gains With These 7 Mistakes?

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You’ve been running yourself ragged. You spend more time at the gym than at home. You push yourself so hard you’re pretty sure you’ll bust a vein if you do one more rep. And despite all this, you still aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for. Something is obviously wrong somewhere. Don’t worry, though, … Read more

How to Increase Your Upper Body Strength

how to incease upper body stength

In order to lead a healthy life many people believe you need to eat right and do a lot of running or biking (cardio) to burn off calories and increase cardiovascular fitness. While both of these practices are key to a healthy lifestyle, there is one more that needs to be added to the mix: … Read more

Fitness: A Complete Guide to Protein

A Complete Guide to Protein

Protein is one of the main nutrients you will hear about as a newcomer to bodybuilding. You may know the basics of why your body needs it — for energy and to help your body to recover from training. But did you know that when you are undertaking a regimen of weight training, you need … Read more

Top 8 Myths Of Ab Workouts

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A large number of people want rock-solid abs. Several workouts, such as crunches, bicycle crunches, leg raises, cable rotations, etc., can help you achieve great abs. How many people really know how to do these exercises properly? For a huge number of people, working out every day for several hours does not yield any results. … Read more

Increase Your “Big Three” Lifts By 30% – Safely and Naturally

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The human body is an exquisitely-adaptive machine built for physical labor. There is no reason, short of ill-health and injury, that a man or woman cannot increase their Big Three lift totals around 30% in as little as one month’s time. Granted, the heavier that lifting totals become, the more each pound counts, but beginning … Read more