Increase Your “Big Three” Lifts By 30% – Safely and Naturally

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The human body is an exquisitely-adaptive machine built for physical labor. There is no reason, short of ill-health and injury, that a man or woman cannot increase their Big Three lift totals around 30% in as little as one month’s time. Granted, the heavier that lifting totals become, the more each pound counts, but beginning … Read more

Rechargeable Battery Care, and Cordless Appliance Battery User Guide

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Understanding the Confusing World Of Rechargeable Batteries Can you imagine life without batteries? The Groom+Style team certainly can’t. However, when our rechargeable batteries don’t work, or last as long as expected, they can have us in tears. Have no fear, Groom+Style’s rechargeable battery care and user guide will help you understand everything you need to know to: 1. identify … Read more

Breathing Techniques: A Guide to the Science and Methods

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Breathing Techniques: A Guide to the Science and Methods Breathing is part of our body’s master blueprint for regulating the body’s rhythms. Yet how often do we take breathing for granted? Short ragged breath rhythms will both reflect our emotional state and cause us to grow frantic, stressed, and unfocused. Slow, even breathing, on the … Read more

Fade Haircut: Your Guide to the Types of Fades and More

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Fade haircuts have become very popular among men for their ability to blend both a clean-cut look with something a little more daring and fun on top. While it may seem like a simple concept, the haircuts with fades are very versatile and there’s a lot that you can do to make it interesting, fresh, … Read more

Are You Sabotaging Your Muscle Gains With These 7 Mistakes?

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You’ve been running yourself ragged. You spend more time at the gym than at home. You push yourself so hard you’re pretty sure you’ll bust a vein if you do one more rep. And despite all this, you still aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for. Something is obviously wrong somewhere. Don’t worry, though, … Read more