10 Mullet Haircut Ideas for Stunning Looks

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Mullet haircut
Mullet haircut

Are you looking for a revolutionary style to lift your appearance? If so, this is your chance to shine with a mullet haircut. For some, having a mullet haircut can be a hit-or-miss — either you’ll love or loathe the outcome. On the other hand, a mullet haircut can also be a leap of effort to switch up your look and make a statement out of it.

However, no one can deny the soaring popularity of the mullet haircut for decades — and it has been gaining new fans recently!

The polarizing look of this “business at the front, party at the back” hairstyle undoubtedly attracts lots of folks, especially with the hairstyle being a sensation on the internet.

If you cannot resist attempting to get the mullet haircut, too, you have to check out our recommendations for the best mullet haircut for stunning looks. Find out more here!

What is Mullet Haircut?

What is Mullet Haircut
What is Mullet Haircut?

The mullet haircut has been around for centuries, and it’s still one of the most popular styles today like fade haircut. The secret behind this appeal is a simple design that works well with almost any face shape!

Basically, a mullet haircut is a style where the front and sides of the hair are cut shorter than the back. Usually, this is often a white boy’s haircut.

This hairstyle has been around for a long time. There are quite many discourses talking about the first appearance of this hairstyle and whether it is really an ’80s thing only.

It turns out that this ‘Kentucky Hairfall’ hairstyle existed way before that — even in the prehistoric era!

Despite its ups and downs, this hairstyle gained back its popularity every once in a while — thanks to the pop culture influence. Many artists, performers, or entertainers are seen in public with this hairstyle, influencing other people to do so.

If you’re reading this article, we’re sure you’ve had the urge to try this hairstyle out. Worry no more; we have listed ten mullet hairstyles for you to try, from the chic Modern Mullet to the edgy Artsy Mullet. Check ’em out!

10 Mullet Haircut

Modern Mullet

Modern Mullet Haircut
Modern Mullet Haircut

The main characteristic of modern mullets lies in the length of each part of the hair. The front and top hair are usually medium length while the back is longer.

You might have witnessed this classic mullet style used by celebrities such as Miley Cyrus with her shag twist in 2019, Doja Cat at the Grammy Awards in 2021, or even Dacre Montgomery in Stranger Things. So, are you next?

Rattail Mullet

Rattail Mullet Haircut
Rattail Mullet Haircut

This one is a rather controversial mullet style. Whether you love or hate it, this type of mullet keeps on coming back, especially for those who are bold enough to pull this style.

The short hair on the front and sides with a long patch on your neck (sometimes braided) was at its peak during the ’80s punk culture era. You might have seen celebrities pulling this hairstyle out, such as Rihanna, Shia LaBeouf, Milley Cyrus, and even Anne Hathaway!

Are you brave enough to try this hairstyle?

Artsy Mullet

Artsy Mullet Haircut
Artsy Mullet Haircut

Artsy Mullet gives off a fancy, high-fashioned sense to your overall look with the choppy bangs and straight back. On top of that, this mullet is quite easy to maintain and comes off as rather acceptable to the general public compared to the rattail one.

However, this shall not be on your list if you want a ‘business’ looking haircut due to its eccentric vibe. But if you aim to achieve an edgy, voguish look, you better give this one a go!

Goth Mullet

Goth Mullet Haircut
Goth Mullet Haircut

Want to go full emo hairstyles? The Goth Mullet hairstyle is among the best punk hairstyles options for you.

Radiate your goth-for-life energy with this hairstyle. The concept of this style is a fully-buzzed side part, long back, and sharp, long side bang. Then, put on your best outfit and accessories to go full goth, and you’re good to go!

Asian Style Mullet

Asian Style Mullet Haircut
Asian Style Mullet Haircut

No matter if you’re an Asian yourself or merely inspired by its culture, an Asian Style Mullet Haircut is worth a shot, especially if you want to look like a Japanese or Korean man with Korean hairstyles.

Many celebs have been seen with this mullet haircut, such as Super Junior’s Donghae and Boys Before Flower’s Kim Hyun Joong.

Though this hairstyle is quite old-fashioned on the continent, it is still able to give you a youthful look with its soft spike at the top, medium-length side part, and long back.

Quiff Mullet

Quiff Mullet Haircut
Quiff Mullet Haircut

Whoever said a mullet haircut is a boring, not versatile choice, Quiff Mullet haircut proves them wrong. In fact, you can combine mullet with the trending quiff haircut in one go!

The slicked quiff will give you a modern classic look, while the long mullet at the back part gives a statement to the overall appearance, making it perfect for any occasion!

Bohemian Mullet

Bohemian Mullet Haircut
Bohemian Mullet Haircut

Achieve the young, wild, and free look with the Bohemian Mullet haircut. If you have wavy hair, this is the best mullet option for you.

Leave the front and side part of your wavy hair at their normal length and let the back part of your wavy hair stays long. That way, your Bohemian Mullet will totally be on point!

Choppy Mullet

Choppy Mullet Haircut
Choppy Mullet Haircut

If you’re looking for another option for edgy hairstyles, try a Choppy Mullet.

Similar to its name, you have to work in choppy layers all around your head and make sure that each layer is short, with many pieces stuck together, so it looks like one solid mass when seen from afar.

When you are successful in pulling this short mullet style, you’ll get the rock star vibe in an instant!

Easy Going Mullet

Easy Going Mullet Haircut
Easy Going Mullet Haircut

When choosing a mullet, you can pick something other than the extraordinary one. If you prefer staying lowkey with your mullet, the Easy Going Mullet is a good one.

To achieve this style, you can get a normal cut for the top, front, and side parts, then leave 1-2 inches of hair at the back of your neck. After that, you can style it with pomades to make it look more sleek and classy.

Mullet Haircut with Hard Part

Mullet with Hard Part Haircut
Mullet with Hard Part Haircut

Hard parts are a small but important element in any look. They can go very far and have quite an impact on the way you style your hair, which is why it’s no surprise that hard part contributions help simple, modern mullet hairstyles stand out today more than ever before.

The hard part of a mullet haircut is well-known to give off a clean, neat sense for the overall look. Try this one out if you aim to have a hairstyle with a statement.


With so many options to choose from, it can take time to decide on the perfect mullet haircut for you. From classic mullet to rattail mullet, each one of the mullet haircuts has its own charm. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

The ten of our favorite mullet haircuts for men will have you looking stunning in no time. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing and find your perfect look today!


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