25 Grooming Tips For Men By Women

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grooming tips for men from women

25 Grooming Tips For Men By Women

Gentlemen, are you interested in doing all that you can to attract a partner?  Do you sometimes think that your friends have more luck with the opposite sex than you do?  There are certain things that you might have no immediate control over like your salary or looks. However, there are a significant number of factors that are within your control right now, which when asked, women named as very important.  Here are the top 25 grooming tips suggested by women for men…

1) Remember hygiene, and don’t let it lapse even for one day.  Not every couple gets together by one approaching the other or by a prearranged introduction.  Sometimes people are thrust together by unexpected events.  Maybe you are forced to sit together in a restaurant, or maybe you’re each hanging out with friends who know each other.  The important thing is, if you have a “brew on” or generally look unkempt for any reason, other than you are in the middle of jog or you just finished playing a basketball game, then you might miss out on an opportunity. People are judged harshly if their hygiene isn’t good and it is almost impossible to get a second chance.  After that first meeting, the woman could very well be referring to you as “Stinky” in her mind.

2) Facial hair needs to look like you cared enough to put some thought into it.  No, you don’t have to be clean shaven.  No you don’t have to have a thick hipster facial beard.  The thing is, no matter what you sport on your face, make it look purposeful.  Got a beard? Manage it.  Got five o’clock shadow?  Manage it.  Clean shaven?  Shave at least every other day and don’t miss spots.  Got a neck beard?  Shave it.  Kill it.  Stop it. Neck beards never look good.

3) Take care of your kicks and only wear them when they’re clean.  You don’t have to wear $200 shoes everywhere you go, you can wear $50 shoes if you want, but take care of them so they look good.  What ladies look for is how you maintain your things.  Shoes are one of the easiest and quickest things to look at and judge, and you’re being judged by the appearance of your shoes.  Wearing croc sandals does not make you quirky; it makes you look lazy and lame.  Wait until you hook her before you wear your 10 year old boat shoes or bright green crocs.  In the meantime, keep the leather clean and keep your laces tied and clean too.

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4) Keep a reasonable haircut and take care of your hair.  If you can afford to go to a stylist, go there and ask the best way to take care of your particular cut.  No matter where your hair is cut, get it cut in a way that you can manage it.  Some men don’t mind taking time to fix their hair each morning.  If you do mind, then get a simple haircut and maintain it.  If you choose to keep your hair a bit longer, and it requires some styling invest in a quality hair dryer.

5) Sleep.  Circles under your eyes, red eyes, and a general sallow complexion are not unusual for people who are deprived of sleep.  No one thinks those looks are good.  Get your seven to nine hours and you’ll have more energy and you’ll look better too.

6) Smelling good is more than taking a shower and using deodorant (although that should happen at least once a day) you should also add some sort of fragrance.  The fragrance should not be such a strong scent that people are looking at you cockeyed from 10 feet away, but if you find yourself within two or feet of a woman, you want to pique her interest with a manly, welcoming smell.

7) Take care of your teeth and your breath.  Brush your teeth, and if you drink coffee, take a mint afterward.  Better yet try an at home teeth whitening kit.  You want white teeth, and you want your breath to smell good.  There are genetic or uncontrollable problems that can keep a yellowish film on your teeth.  Usually dentists can help with those problems, all you have to do is ask. If you want a full guide for having excellent teeth, check out our article and infographic on flossing and flossing alternatives.

8) Don’t over accessorize your wardrobe.  If you choose to wear a necklace of some sort, don’t make it obvious from far—understated is good, bold and in your face is bad.  If you have something on the end of the chain, it should say something about you.  It should be a cross, or a star, or something that reminds you of Mom and apple pie.  You can also wear a simple watch, and if you must, you can wear one ring that has some sort of significance to you.  A pinky ring is not allowable unless you’re a hitman for the mafia.

9) Body hair can be an issue—darn the bad luck of genetics.  Get rid of the neck beard, but also consider ridding yourself of the back and shoulder blanket – you can use a body groomer for this.  How much is too much neck and back hair?  If it looks like you’re wearing a muff under your shirt with hair sticking up through the back of your shirt that is too much body hair.  Much like many other things, you can let the back hair grow after she’s in love with you.

10) Take care of your lips.  Have you ever seen someone who is recovering from a terrible cold or from a fever, and their lips are all cracked and maybe even bleeding?  Gross, right?  Take care of your lips.  Avoid the cracked, gross lips. If you spend a lot of time outside in the wind and sun, invest in a Chap Stick.

11) Take care of your hands. It might feel manly to have callouses from the weight bar, or from swinging a hammer, but when you touch a lady, you don’t want her to pull back because your hands feel like sandpaper and your nails look like half a farm is under them.  Get a nail brush, take care of your cuticles, and put a lotion on your mitts if need be.  Callouses will still be there to impress her, but she’ll appreciate softer hands when you touch her.

12) Take care of your eyebrows.  Like many things on this list, a monobrow, or a caterpillar brow might seem picky and things that God and genetics have made, but you have one chance to make a first impression.  If you’re a seven footer in the NBA with a $20 million a year salary, you can have a monobrow, if you’re not, then keep them plucked and separated.

13) Wear clothing that fits you like you’re a man.  If you’re older than 14, your clothes should fit you, not look like you’re hoping to grow into them someday.  Clothes that are baggy make you look like you don’t care how you look.  Buy clothes that fit your form and own it with confidence and kindness.  Baggy clothes look sloppy and don’t fool anyone.

14) I can’t believe this is something I have to say, but, take care of the earwax.  I mean, gross.  If you have earwax coming out of the ear canal, it is time to get it out of there.

15) Overdress, don’t underdress, just don’t overdress by a lot.  In other words, if you work in an office and most guys wear polos, then you can either wear a polo or a button down shirt.  If most men wear button downs, then wear a tie.  You don’t want to get attention by being the guy who is just a little sloppier than he needs to be.

16) When you think about how you dress, especially if you’re going on a date, psychologists suggest that women are receptive to men who wear red.  Who knows?  I always thought I preferred yellow, but maybe when I meet someone new, red really does look good.

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17) Man-scaping can be a nice thing.  In 2016, more and more men seem to think that women should take care of themselves south of the border; we feel the same way about men.  Keep yourselves clean down there, and every so often, give yourself a little trim (a body groomer will come in handy).  It doesn’t take long, and we’ll appreciate the effort.

18) Use a facial scrub.  Some men cannot help but have blackheads and zits from time to time.  Heck, it happens to women too.  The difference is that women are often permitted by society to find something to keep our faces clean and free of oil.  Now men are able to find the same kinds of products, and they can either be found online or in most drugstores.  Take some time and scrub your face. Not only will it decrease black heads and zits, it will also make your skin look fresher and renewed.

19) If your wardrobe is generally an old comfortable t-shirt when you’re not at work, and then consider changing it.  You can still wear a polo shirt or a button down shirt and not look like you’re dressed up with nowhere to go.  For many women, seeing a man wearing an old concert shirt to the grocery store makes that man invisible.  While you’re at it, get rid of your 15 year old jeans that came with holes in the knees. Time moves on.  So should your wardrobe.

20) Don’t try to hide your thinning hair.  It may be true that many women would prefer a man with thick hair, but heck, you would prefer to have thick hair.  However, if you’re losing it, just style your hair in a way that lets you own that your body is changing.  Thickening shampoos can give you volume, and products that keep it in place without clumping makes your hair look natural and good.  Do. Not. Wear. A. Mullet.  More hair in the back won’t make your hair look better on your head where it is thinning.

21) Look at your nose and your ears.  Just look straight at the mirror.  Do you see hair coming from those orifices?  If you do, trim the hair.  It doesn’t really matter what implement you use, but find something that you will be safe using.  You do not want to trade hair coming out your nose for a large, red scar from the time you got careless with the sharp scissors when you were trimming that hair.

22) Hair over the ears is so 1970s.  It’s amazing that many barbers just let this look continue even when the men who had this style originally are retired grandpas now.  If you have hair over your ears, leave it if it is covering a scar that makes you feel self-conscious, otherwise, have it cut.  Have it cut now.

Cut Hair Around the Ears

23) Look at your neck.  For many men, neck hair (not the neck beard which is just yuck) grows faster than head hair, or at least thicker, and neck hair looks bad.  A thick thatch of neck hair makes the rest of your appearance look sloppy.

24) Do your feet stink?  If the answer is, duh, then you need to make some changes.  Feet get a bad rap and often people think all feet stink.  After all, they are trapped in both socks and shoes all day long.  But, if you take the time to scrub and exfoliate them so that dead skin cells are removed, they won’t stink—at least they won’t smell as bad.  That is not to suggest that they will smell like daisies once you have finished your run or basketball game, but they won’t gag you (or a lady admirer either).

25) Don’t wear clothes twice without washing them.  Remember a couple of years ago people said they went years without washing their blue jeans?  I’m thinking those people did not have a loved one, because I don’t think a normal person could wear their jeans that many times without the jeans stinking.  Don’t try that at home.  Wash your clothes just like you wash your body.

Fair or not, we judge you initially not by what is in your brain and heart, but how you look.  You don’t have to look like a movie star, but you need to look as though you have spent time making an attempt to look good and smell good.  Prove that you don’t take us for granted and you may be surprised that things will go your way.

Now that you have actioned each of these short term items you can start to look at longer term tasks; such as getting in shape by starting a body building program, improving your mind by reading more or doing an educational course, and even working on a strategy to improve your career.  Go get them tiger!


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