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Permed mullet
Permed mullet

Initially popular during the 80s and 90s, the mullet hairstyle was recently resurrected. From classic mullet to hipster mullet, people are starting to rock this hairstyle again as a statement. Among the myriad styles of mullet haircuts, permed mullet is mainly chosen by men who want to look fresh and trendy.

A permed mullet is an edgy yet classic hairstyle that can quickly transform any look. With its unique combination of permed curls and a tapered cut, the permed mullet gives off an effortlessly cool vibe that’s perfect for any occasion.

Whether you’re rocking it for a night out or just want to switch up your everyday style and bring up the 80s nostalgia, the permed mullet is sure to make a statement.

Plus, this hairstyle works on all hair types and lengths — so there’s something for everyone! If you’re keen on trying this haircut, here’s the complete guide to the best choices of permed mullet hairstyles for your inspiration!

What is Permed Mullet?

What is permed mullet
What is permed mullet

If you’re an ’80s movie or TV series freak, you might notice this hairstyle worn by one of the characters. One of the most iconic characters with this hairstyle is Stranger Things’ Billy Hargrove.

Basically, permed mullet is an alternative to the mullet hairstyle. In fact, it’s a cool and experimental hairstyle that became popular in the 1980s, primarily among rock and country musicians and sportspeople.

Also known as permanent wave perm, this gives texture to mullet hairstyles. So, there’s a unique twist compared to the classic mullet.

How to Get Permed Mullet?

How to get permed mullet
How to get permed mullet

Getting a permed mullet hair is simple but quite tricky. But don’t worry; we have prepared a complete guide for you. Here’s the step-by-step to get permed mullet:

Step 1 — Growing Your Hair

The length of your back head hair is the most crucial aspect of the permed mullet. So, if you want to develop a mullet, first let your hair grow to the proper length. The longer the hair in the back, the more prominent the mullet haircut will be.

A length of two to six inches, or one that reaches the base of your neck, is perfect. Be patient, as our hair grows only half an inch every month on average!

Step 2 — Sectioning off

In this step, you must section your soon-to-be-permed hair into three sections. Use a comb to separate the front of the hairline, the center of your crown, and the sides. Then, clip the rest of it to keep it in its place. After that, properly comb your hair down.

Step 3 — Cutting off the sides and the middle

Work your hair down while chopping the central piece into little chunks. The top part should remain longer and taper towards the ears as you proceed to the sides after that. Blend the remaining parts as desired and leave them uneven or choppy for a more finished appearance.

Step 4 — Cleaning Your Hair

Before starting the perming process, ensure your hair is clean. You can do this by using a clarifying shampoo to remove all the dirt and oils buildups. After that, pat it dry and leave it damp.

Step 5 — Sectioning

Comb the hair you wish to be permed into sections. Make sure to separate the top hair from the back because only the hair at the back of permed mullets is permed.

Step 6 — Wrapping

Take a strand of hair from the part you wish to perm. The strand should be as wide as or somewhat narrower than the perm rods available. Depending on the length of your hair, medium-sized perm rods are preferable. Fold an end wrap around the back of a hair strand.

Place the end of the end-wrapped strand on a perm rod.

Roll the perm rod around your hair strands until you reach your scalp. Before putting a cotton coil around the coiled hair to hold the perm solution in place, do this to all hair you plan to perm.

Step 7 — Applying the Perm Solution

Apply the perm solution to your previously rolled hair, one rod at a time. Use a plastic cap to cover your hair for around 15 minutes after that. Then, unroll one rod halfway to see if the hair strand has a curve or bend.

If not, wrap the strand back up and wait a few minutes more, inspecting every three to four minutes to see if the hair strands are curving.

Step 8 — Rinsing and Neutralizing

Wash the hair and apply a suitable neutralizer without removing the rods. After removing all of the solutions from your hair, gently pat it dry using a towel and allow it to dry naturally. Allow the neutralizer to stay for 7 to 10 minutes before rinsing.

Step 9 — Removing the Perm Rods

Remove the perm rods one strand at a time. In this step, you must be careful not to use too much force, as this can damage both the hair and the curls. Allow your hair to dry after removing all of the rods.

How to Maintain

How to maintain permed mullet
How to maintain permed mullet

Having a permed mullet means committing to maintaining it so it stays stunning. Here are the ways to maintain permed mullets:

  • Avoid washing your hair right away after getting your perm. Instead, wait for at least 72 hours to wash it.
  • Avoid heat styling for the first 72 hours to prevent it from being undone.
  • Wait at least ten days to use hair colors for your permed mullet.
  • Sleep with a silk scarf around your hair to keep the shape.
  • Avoid sleeping on your back for the first few days to prevent your permed mullet from pressure.
  • Use a good conditioner to nourish your hair.

7 Best Permed Mullet

Like any other hairstyle, permed mullet has various twists to make it stand out more. Check out which permed mullet haircut is most suitable for you!

Mullet With Perm

Mullet with perm
Mullet with perm

Channel your inner Kurtis Conner with this permed mullet. In fact, this is the most basic type of mullet. It’s basically a classic, regular mullet with permed hair. To achieve this hairstyle, you only need to follow the previously explained steps, with no additional steps.

Softly Permed Mullet on Sides

Softly Permed Mullet on Sides
Softly Permed Mullet on Sides

You can try this if you have long hair on the sides and want to experiment with permed mullets. For now, you can loosely perm your mullets and see how it goes. It’s a simple hairdo to master. Other perming choices are available if you can get used to it.

Baseball Mullet + Beard

Baseball Mullet + Beard
Baseball Mullet + Beard

Channel your inner Kenny Powers of Eastbound and Down with this style. The permed mullet with faded sides alone already serves a chef’s kiss look, let alone the additional beard. You can wear any beard style for this look, as it is very versatile. With this hairstyle, you’ll be an instant attention stealer, especially during your nearest baseball game event!

Permed Rat-Tail Mullet

Permed Rat-Tail Mullet
Permed Rat-Tail Mullet

Oh, you want to grow a mullet without losing your existing rattail? Here’s some great news: you can totally do that! Allow the hair around the rat tail to grow out somewhat to give it a mullet-like appearance before perming it entirely. It will definitely be a cool hairstyle.

Long Perm In Back Mullet

Long Perm In Back Mullet
Long Perm In Back Mullet

Achieve the Kentucky waterfall style with perm as a twist. This is a unique hairstyle since you’ll get to have both variations of curly and straight textures in your long hair. You can wear this entirely or simply tie it up during hot weather. With this hairstyle, your look will be elevated in no time.

Shoulder Length Strong Permed Mullets

Shoulder Length Strong Permed Mullets
Shoulder Length Strong Permed Mullets

Do you have at least shoulder-length hair? Why not opt for a strong permed mullet? With a full, strong mullet for the entire hair, this hairstyle especially exists for the bold ones — are you the one? Once you go fully-permed mullet with this hairstyle, there’s no going back — you’ll be an attention grabber in no time!

Perm on top easier on the Mullet

Perm on top easier on the Mullet
Perm on top easier on the Mullet

If you’re not as ready to perm your hair entirely, you can just go slow with this hairstyle. To achieve a successful mullet hairstyle, you can combine a permed and unpermed look. Aside from the mullet, perm the top, or vice versa. Do not overdo the top hair when perming your mullet. In either case, it would produce a stylish and edgy hairdo.

Permed Mullet Tutorial

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of perm do you use for a mullet?

There are limitless options of perms that you can use for a mullet. The most common choice would be spiral perm, as it enhances the textured look of your hair. Besides, you can also opt for partial perm, root perm, spot perm, or volumizing perm.


So, if you’re looking for an easy and trendy way to update your look this year, consider giving the perm a try! With so many styles to choose from, there’s sure to be one that will complement your features and make you feel like a superstar. From classic permed mullet to shoulder-length top mullet, your choices are limitless.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the plunge and get a permed mullet today to show off your inner rock star!

However, if you want a different haircut, the Mexican Mullet can be a choice.


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