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Merkur Futur Reviews: The Best Safety Razors?

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merkur futur review

If you’re in the market for razors, you may have come across Merkur Futur. This German-made razor is a popular choice among wet shavers, and that’s definitely for good reasons. The promising part of this adjustable safety razor is its beginner-safe features. Many are considering using this safety razor as their go-to, hence the need for complete Merkur Futur reviews.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Merkur Futur and see what makes it such a great razor. Check out the Merkur Futur reviews below!

Merkur Futur Reviews: Safety Razor Performance and Features


Merkur is a German-established safety razor brand trusted for being a leading company in the shaving industry. Their razors are designed and manufactured to provide excellent protection.

Let’s take a closer look into the features of the Merkur Futur safety razors and how well they perform!


Are you aiming for a sharp-looking beard? Or do you want a mild shave? Well, any beard style is possible for you to achieve! With its safety blades, this product can handle your needs just fine—let the product do the magic for you.

This adjustable safety razor features a double-edged blade with an adjustable angle, hence the more flexible shaving experience. The locking system is also reliable since it comes with Duo Clip to make the blades stay sturdy in their place. With this double-edge safety razor, you can get a smooth shave real quick.

Moreover, it is easy to replace your old blades with new ones since Merkur Futur provides various detachable double-edged blades that suit this product perfectly.


The Merkur Futur has an elegant design with impressive built quality. It uses die-casted zinc, galvanized surfaces, and bright chrome-plated materials.

Made out of die-casted zinc, it’s both corrosion-resistant. It features an attractive look thanks to its galvanic coating, which protects against any unwanted elements trying their bests to ruin this helpful product.

Besides, you would have three options of chrome finish types: satin-matte, polished, and gold-tone chrome. So you’ll have a better chance to match it with your personal liking.


This adjustable safety razor is a fairly handy razor; the handle is 1.4 in (around 3.5 cm) long, and the dimensions are 2 in x 1.2 in x 4.33 in, which is just about the perfect size for most people’s hands.

The adjustable blade and comb provide a choice of settings that will meet your personal preference. For example, if long hair requires more attention than facial shaves do, then adjust the distance between them by rotating handles, so it becomes easier for larger blades to cut through stubborn strands without irritating skin too much; while still shaving smoothly every day!

However, ensure your hands aren’t wet while holding this product to prevent slippage during use.


As one of the best safety razors on the market, this product has a major difference from the common cartridge razors out there.

Unlike the other cartridge razors, Merkur Futur’s adjustable double-edge safety razors offer a detachable Double Clip feature. Therefore, you won’t need to replace the cartridge at all; you just have to replace the blades.

Moreover, the cartridge has a closed-comb design, hence its double safety. What is a closed-comb design? This means that there is a safety bar between the blade and your skin. This blade gap will protect your skin from the chance of an aggressive shave experience.

Pros and Cons of Merkur Futur Safety Razor

Pros and cons merkur futur
Pros and cons merkur futur


As the leading safety razor product in the industry, Merkur razor has numerous pros compared to other safety razors. Check out our Merkur Futur reviews of the preeminent points of this safety razor brand!

  • The adjustable, weighty head of the straight razor is well-made to balance on your skin without causing injury—perfect for sensitive skin!
  • The long handle provides ample room for men with large hands
  • The appealing design is an aesthetically pleasing addition to any bathroom
  • The Double Clip feature help to hold still the blades strongly
  • There is no need to change the cartridge
  • The numbered speed settings are beneficial for adjusting the aggressiveness
  • The blades are easy to replace with any Merkur Futur detachable blades


Despite its promising claims, there are several downsides to the Merkur Futur razor. Here are our Merkur Futur reviews of its cons:

  • The bulky head might be too much for some people’s preferences
  • It’s not the best design when it comes to safety because there are no knurled buttons which makes them difficult to adjust while holding onto an edge with wet hands
  • Extra care is important while adjusting the blade—make sure your hands aren’t wet!

Most Frequently Ask Questions

Is Merkur Futur Safety Razor aggressive?

Merkur Futur shaver has been very popular for its close-shave effect, almost as close as an angled razor at the most aggressive settings. Merkur Futur isn’t an ideal blade for beginners.
However, this product comes with a dial setting so that the user can adjust the level of aggressiveness based on their personal preferences. The provided level is from 1 to 11.
For beginners, it is recommended to start with the lowest level of aggressiveness to ensure that you won’t be injured on the first try and eventually get the best shave result.

Are Merkur blades worth it?

Merkur blades are manufactured from superior materials that are excellent in their appearance and are, therefore, incredibly robust. The razors are double-edged so that you can use both of its sides to shave your beard.
Comes with a pretty design and coating color, this product caters well to each user’s personal preference. Moreover, most features will make it easier—even for beginners—to utilize this product.
All in all, considering the best features and the prices, this product is totally worth purchasing!


Based on our Merkur Futur reviews, Merkur Futur safety razors are inarguably some of the most popular on the market. They offer a variety of features, including adjustable double-edged blade angles, a long handle for a better grip, easy-to-change blades, and an elegant-looking design to fit their users’ preferences.

All in all, our Merkur Futur reviews conclude that if you’re looking for the best adjustable safety razor with a promising quality shaving experience, the Merkur Futur is definitely worth considering. Have you tried one out? What did you think?


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