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10 Best Merkur Razor: Which One Is Right For You?

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best merkur razor
Merkur 23C
  • 4.2 inches in length
  • Has an extendable brass handle
Merkur 30c
  • Weighing 58 grams
  • 58 mm long handle
Merkur 33C
  • It features an offset 3 inches handle
  • Has weight only 57 grams
Merkur 34c
  • 3.3 inches in length
  • Coming with a 2-piece
Merkur 38C
  • 4-inch longer handle
  • Weight: 113 grams
Merkur mk39c
  • Double-edge safety razor
  • 4 ounces
Merkur 42c
  • Weighing 70 grams
  • 80 mm in length
Merkur 45c
  • One of the lightest safety razors
  • Handle weighs approximately 76.6 cm
Merkur futur 1
  • Right choice for sensitive skin
  • Has sleek design
Merkur 180 long handled
  • 4" in length
  • Less aggressive shave

When asked about their ultimate shaving tools, most guys would answer “cartridge razor.” The disposable-bladed razors are inarguably easy to look for in your nearest drugstore, hence their broad popularity.

However, professionals believe that cartridge razor has a higher possibility of causing irritation than other types of razors. On top of that, you would have to replace this razor’s cartridge to use it routinely—it might be a hassle for some!

Amidst the popularity of traditional cartridge razors in the market, safety razors are slowly returning to cater to your grooming agenda.

Merkur razors are great picks among the best safety razors in the industry. This Germany-based brand has been known for its quality craftsmanship and durability. Merkur is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a razor that is perfect for sensitive skin and will last, hence the rising curiosity for the best Merkur razor.

They offer a wide range of options to suit your needs so that you can find the perfect safety razor for your shaving style. Whether new to wet shaving or a seasoned pro, a Merkur safety razor is a great investment.

Among the various choices of Merkur safety razors, which one is the best for you? Take a look at our compilation of the best Merkur razor below!

10 Best Merkur Razor

Merkur 23C

Merkur 23C
Merkur 23C

The Merkur 23C Long Handle Safety Razor is excellent to handle by anyone, especially those whose hands are not as large. Weighing 60 grams with 4.2 inches in length, this is a reasonably handy product. In fact, this product is the longest and the lightest one in the series.

This product has an extendable brass handle that allows you to get closer than usual without having too much space between your fingers. As a result, it gives extra control when you’re shaving tough areas, such as under the lip or around the jawline area.

The long knurl design ensures maximum grip even if there’s less room on either side, so everything stays cool throughout use.

On top of that, the die-casted zinc razor head, galvanized surfaces, and bright chrome-plated body give a touch of elegance to the overall design of the product.

If you are just starting to shift to a safety razor from a traditional cartridge razor, this one is a great pick.

Merkur 30C

Merkur 30c
Merkur 30c

Merkur 30C Safety Razor is another great option for a thin, long safety razor in the series. Weighing 58 grams with a 58 mm long handle, this razor is fairly light and small to hold.

A quick glance at this razor will give you a sense of a retro reproduction look. This is due to the knurled black handle with its chrome knob at the end, giving a classic touch to the overall design. Besides its classy look, the handle’s material is also sturdy and can be held firmly with minimal chance of slippage, even when your hands are wet.

The razor head comes with three-piece razors for each one so that your shaving experience will be simpler and faster. Moreover, the maneuverability of this product is top-notch; you will get to shave cleanly, even at the hard-to-reach parts of your face.

All in all, this product is suitable for those who aim for easier and faster shaving sessions, especially during a rush.

Merkur 33C

Merkur 33C
Merkur 33C

This classic three-piece design is a perfect fit for those who are just getting into wet shaving. It features an offset 3 inches handle that offers comfort and a non-slip, textured grip while providing durability with its chrome plating, which prevents corrosion.

The weight is also no joke—only 57 grams! This one for sure suits you best if you want to have a light shaving experience, whether you’re a shaving veteran or a starter in the wet-shaving gig.

Based on its features, this product will fit those who have rather smaller hands and faces. That way, it will be easier for them to glide during shaving!

Merkur 34C

Merkur 34c
Merkur 34c

Looking for an all-rounder? Merkur safety razor provides Merkur 34C for you.

Merkur 34C will definitely catch your eye because of its short, bulky handle design—it is only 3.3 inches in length! Coming with a 2-piece, closed-bar razor, this product is a rather heavy product compared to other types in this series, weighing 2.4 oz.

Performance-wise, the additional weight makes the product easier to balance and glide over your face. Also, you don’t have to put too much pressure while doing the deed—less effort, great result!

In addition, this one of the best Merkur razor products also comes with a hefty yet gritty handle to prevent slippage during use, even when your hands are wet or soapy.

The razor aggression is also mild for the skin, hence the suitability for beginners. You will barely experience aggressive shave once you get the hold of how this product doesn’t need a too-much pressure during use.

Due to its balance—design-wise, performance-wise, and price-wise—we highly recommend this product for everyone.

Merkur 38C

Merkur 38C
Merkur 38C

The Merkur 38C is a great choice for those looking for a quality safety razor. It is well-built and designed to provide a close, comfortable shave. It is a great option for those new to wet shaving or experienced shavers looking for a high-quality razor.

The overall design of this product is quite similar to the 34C one. However, the main difference is that this product has a longer handle than the 34C (4 inches) and is heavier in weight (113 grams). So, it is up to each person’s liking to choose between those two.

Due to its barber’s pole-like handle, Merkur 38C is also infamous as the Merkur Barberpole. Besides, because this product is polished by chrome plate, the final look of the product is quite shiny and enticing.

Performance-wise, this product is also promising due to its double-edged blades that are flexible to be used on both sides.

The comfy handle is also sturdy to grip, so it will be safer even if you’re in a wet environment. With its heavy weight, it will surely be easier when shaving as you don’t have to put too much pressure on it in order to make it glide smoothly.

Overall, this is a great pick for both starters and veterans, especially for those whose hands are conventionally large in size.

Merkur MK39C

Merkur mk39c
Merkur mk39c

Merkur MK39C is a heavy-duty shaving tool with an extendable handle that comes in at about four ounces. It’s nearly twice as big and bulky compared to its 34c counterpart, but this extra heftiness provides for exceptional control during use. Therefore, you will get a more comfortable shave experience.

This particular model also features Barber Pole knurls which allow users greater traction while applying pressure so even beginners can get off some good nick-free haircuts.

All in all, this product is an outstanding double-edge safety razor that comes with one sharp spare blade. The chrome finish on its high-quality nickel alloy body gives off the feeling of exceptional reliability.

While still remaining easy to use and clean because its two-piece design allows you access to both blades without having any obstructions or gaps where dirt could get stuck inside like some 3 part models do when they’re fully assembled.

Merkur 42C

Merkur 42c
Merkur 42c

This product is by far the cheapest all-metal Merkur safety razor. Weighing 70 grams and 80 mm in length, this is quite a bulky, hefty option for shavers.

Merkur 42C comes in three pieces available with a heavy head and has a retro-looking six-part handle replicating the original Gillettes 1904.

The chrome is made from nickel-plated chrome. Its weight is lovely. Balanced to provide an exact shaving experience. The etched handles ensure that the grip will remain comfortable without slipping.

It’s a 42C model that’ll give men a smooth shaving experience with an unbeatable style. Options include safety bars and open or closed combs. The razors are considerably smaller than most razors and are used in most men’s hair removal besides facial skin. However, big hands may find the hand too small to be used easily.

Merkur 45C

Merkur 45c
Merkur 45c

The Merkur 45C Bakelite Double Edge (DE) Safety Razor is a modern-day classic. This 3-piece Merkur razor has been made with great quality in every detail, from its shorter length handle manufactured out of this durable material called “Bakelite” and ribbed surface alongside where your hands will rest when using them during shave time — giving you an excellent grip no matter if they’re wet or dry.

The color scheme is appealing to anyone wanting retro-style old-school. The razor has an even more aggressive profile compared to a 34C. The handle weighs approximately 76.6 cm (3 in) and is one of the lightest safety razors.

Merkur Futur

Merkur futur
Merkur futur

Germany’s “future” Merkur Futur’s midrange adjustable razor consists of two types that are technically similar. The difference lies within the finishes — satin chrome finished or golden.

The Merkur Futur is an adjustable safety razor that has been selling for years. It’s most popular among experienced wet-shavers and those with thick beards, but it isn’t the right choice if you have sensitive skin or small hands because of its bulkiness when compared to other brands on the market today. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give this one of the best Merkur razor another chance!

As seen from its sleek design coupled with high-quality materials used in manufacturing — such as chrome plating over stainless steel components — Merkur Futur will give an elegant touch to your room.

Merkur 180 Long Handled

Merkur 180 long handled
Merkur 180 long handled

The Merkur Model 180 Long-Handled Safety Razor is an excellent choice for those who want a well-built, longer razor with a less aggressive shave. With the weighted handle being 4″ in length and having great balance, it’s easy to use even when going around more difficult areas on your face.

Based on its features, this product will be a great fit for shavers whose hands are rather small in size. However, it doesn’t mean that those with larger hands can’t use it, too—it is versatile!

Most Frequently Ask Questions

Why is the Merkur 34c so popular?

Many wet-shavers say the Merkur 34c is a superior razor with an excellent grip that delivers on promises. It is also ideal for those who are able to handle small objects. This is a fairly short, safe razor that can easily get a shaver in big hands.
With a design going back to 1931, the German-made Merkur 34C is one of if not the most versatile safety razors there’s on today’s market. It has been used by experts and newbies alike, with rave reviews for its quality shave versus other products in this price range.
Therefore, it is not surprising to see the high popularity of this product in the market. With its promising features and competitive price, this particular product will surely be a good fit for everyone’s grooming agenda!

How do I choose the best Merkur razor?

Merkur definitely has quite a lot of choices, with different performances for each one. Therefore, people are often confused about which to choose for their personal preference.
But worry no more; we have great tips for you to choose the best Merkur safety razor that will fit your need.
First, take a look at your hands. If you have large hands, opt for razors that have bulky, heavier handles, such as Merkur 34C and Merkur 38C.
Meanwhile, for those whose hands are rather small, pick the products which have leaner, light handles, such as Merkur 23C and Merkur 30C. Usually, the ones with bulkier, heavier handles will be easier to glide smoothly during shaving.
Then, a man with a smaller face may prefer a razor with a shorter head, such as Merkur 34C. However, the size of the head usually doesn’t matter that much when it comes to the shaving experience. Moreover, Merkur has provided double-edged blades that will ensure your shaving activity goes well.


So, there you have it—our top 10 Merkur razors! We hope this guide has helped you to choose the best Merkur razors to cater to your needs. All of these razors are great quality and will give a close, comfortable shave, but some will be better suited to certain facial hair types or shaving styles than others. Have you found the best Merkur razor for your need?


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