Waxing Bald Head for Perfect Appearance

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Waxing bald head
Waxing bald head

Waxing has been popular in the grooming industry for years. Usually, waxing is done in terms of body hair removal. But did you know that waxing bald head is also a thing?

In fact, bald head waxing exists. While people frequently choose shaving as a way to remove hairs from their heads, waxing offers a new experience with more sleek, long-lasting results. If you’re interested in doing it because of the slicks and shines, go ahead and give this method a try!

Curious to find out whether this is a great alternative for your head? Find out more about bald head waxing in our explanation below!

Why Do You Need Head Waxing?

Why Do You Need Head Waxing
Why Do You Need Head Waxing

Waxing your head sounds like a promising option — at some point, it is true! There are some benefits of head waxing that you won’t get from regular shaving.

First, in terms of duration, head waxing takes less amount of time compared to head shaving. This will be beneficial for people who are in a rush or have limited time to remove hairs from their heads.

Then, the result of head waxing significantly lasts longer than head shaving — where the hairs will start coming back within the day. This comes in handy for people who are too tired to shave regularly.

Also, the growing hairs after a waxing session are usually more thin and fine in texture. That way, your next head waxing session will be less hurtful due to the amount and texture of your growing hair.

Moreover, waxing will pull your hair all the way from the roots, making the results smoother and shinier with no sign of stubbles.

For all of those reasons above, head waxing is indeed a promising option for your next bald head grooming agenda.

Popular Methods Head Waxing

Popular Methods Head Waxing
Popular Methods Head Waxing

People have different purposes while applying wax to their heads: for adding more shine or for hair removal. The head waxing process mentioned has its own aims and benefits.

Waxing for Shiny Bald Heads

Do you want to make your bald head look shinier? Applying wax to your head may help.

The use of wax on a shaved head can be great for giving it an even sheen without making the skin too shiny or looking dry. Usually, men often use moisturizing products such as beard pomade, head balms, head polish, and more to style their bald heads to perfection.

Waxing for Hair Removal

Hair removal is probably the first thing people think about when waxing is brought up. Waxing for hair removal is a common practice that is already popular for other parts of the body, such as arms, legs, armpits, and even bikini areas.

However, waxing for bald heads is also an existing practice, especially for men. Keen on knowing more about the procedure? Read on.

How to Waxing Bald Head

How to Waxing Bald Head
How to Waxing Bald Head

Have you decided that you’ll get a bald head waxing? If so, there are some procedures that you have to do.

Step 1 — Patch test the wax

Just like any other hair-related product, you must do a patch test before applying the wax thoroughly to your head. This will prevent you from getting possible chances of allergies from the substances of the wax that you are going to use.

To do this step, apply a bit of the product to a little part of your head. Then, wait for at least 24 hours before fully using it. If there’s no sign of allergies, you’re good to go.

Step 2 — Prep your head

Make sure that your hair isn’t too long so that the waxing process can go smoothly — at least 1/4 or 1/2 inches are okay.

Then, wash your head with shampoo to completely remove the dirt and oils. When your head is well-prep, the wax will get proper adhesion, and the overall waxing process will go with no trouble.

Step 3 — Read the product instructions

Know your wax by reading the product instructions thoroughly. Make sure you follow all the steps mentioned to get the best result.

Step 4 — Wax your head

When everything has been prepared, start applying the wax to your head. After applying the wax, let it sit for several seconds before removing it. If you do not wait long enough, the wax may not be as effective or even irritate your skin.

When removing, always move the strip of wax in the opposite direction of hair growth. Be sure to hold your skin tight as you remove it to ensure that all unwanted hair is removed with each strip.

Keep in mind that you can’t wax your entire head in one go, as it will result in patchy and uneven results. Instead, wax your head in sections to make sure that your head is thoroughly waxed.

You should also keep in mind that waxing will be more effective if you pull the skin taut while applying the wax. This helps to get a close shave and minimize any irritation.

Step 5 — Wash your head

When all the wax job is finally done, wash your head once again under running water to make sure there is no residual wax on your head.

Step 6 — Apply moisturizer

Finally, use aloe vera gel, an antiseptic cream, or any moisturizer for bald head with soothing ingredients afterward to soothe your skin and prevent redness or irritation. Then, to maintain your head’s condition, remember to apply sunscreen regularly.

If you follow these steps for waxing bald head carefully and thoroughly, you will get the best result for waxing bald head.

Painful Way To Wax Your Head

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is waxing your head better than shaving?

If what you’re aiming for is the time it takes for the hair to grow back and the no-stubble result, then waxing bald head is indeed better than shaving your head.

Actually, the results appear quite similar though there is an important difference — the time it takes for the hair to grow back.

It is usually quicker for the hair to grow back if you choose to shave instead of waxing bald head since shaving doesn’t remove the hair from the roots. Hair in the shaved head will return more quickly, so you would have to do shaving sessions regularly.

On the other hand, waxing takes way less amount of time to do and results in a long time for the hair to grow back.

However, if you’re not the type of person that is prone to feel pain, waxing bald head may not be the best option for you.

How long does waxing your head last?

The amount of time your hair will last varies depending on how fast the growth rate is. On average, it should be between 3 and 6 weeks before the hair starts to grow again. When this happens, a waxing session needs to take place.


Waxing bald head is surely a promising option to pick if you aim for having a clean, sleek bald head. It takes less time and effort while serving more immaculate results.

If you’re thinking of waxing your head bald, do your research and ensure you follow the proper steps. And if you decide to go through with waxing bald head, take care of your scalp using a good moisturizer and sunscreen.

Enjoy your waxing bald head sessions — even though it takes a little work to maintain its perfect appearance, it is worth trying!


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