How to Soften a Beard? Follow These Effective Steps

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How to Soften a Beard
How to soften a beard

Does your beard start to feel prickly? Is your partner complaining about your sandpaper beard? No worries, she will never leave you if you take care of everything quickly!

A full beard can enhance your masculine image, making you look more attractive to yourself or your partner. If you have a fine, smooth beard, you’ll pass the vibe instantly. Meanwhile, if your beard tends to be coarse and rough, chances are it will be a major turn-off for people. Therefore, you have to know how to soften a beard effectively.

This is due to the stereotype that a softer beard conveys a more tough and sophisticated appearance. Conversely, a brittle, dry beard tends to convey a more “homeless” attitude. The great news is that it’s possible to reduce your beard’s messy look by softening it. This article will show you tips on how to soften a beard for a more tidy, enchanting look. Read on!

How to Soften a Beard? These are the Steps to Soften a Beard

Naturally, facial hair is coarser than scalp hair. But if your beard feels more prickly or scratchy than usual, it could mean it’s dry.

The steps below might be able to keep your beard soft and moisturized. Follow the how to soften a beard steps below to get the best look out of your beard!

Wash Your Beard

Wash your beard
Wash your beard

First thing first on how to soften a beard, make sure you start with a clean beard. Wet your beard with warm water to start it off. Note that you must not use water at a too-hot temperature to avoid even more dryness.

Then, apply a dollop of beard wash to your palm after wetting your beard with warm water. Rub your palms to form foam from the beard wash.

After that, apply the product to your beard. Make sure to massage the beard wash into the skin underneath your beard as you work it into your beard. Use warm water to rinse the beard.

After rinsing the beard, you can finish cleaning your beard by using beard shampoo. Shampoo it off thoroughly and rinse it once again with warm water.

Lastly, with a towel or tissue, dry your beard.

Apply Beard Conditioner

Apply beard conditioner
Apply beard conditioner

Whether for scalp hair or facial hair, the beard conditioner plays a great role in softening the hair. You can give your beard the moisture and nutrients it needs to become softer by applying a quality conditioner.

Usually, there are two types of conditioner: rinse-out and leave-in. We recommend you use the leave-in one to make the beard-softening process faster.

Apply a leave-in beard conditioner to your damp beard and disperse it thoroughly using a beard comb.

However, if you prefer a rinse-out conditioner, you may also go on with your choice.

Apply a Beard Balm

Apply beard balm
Apply beard balm

A beard balm is a type of leave-in conditioner that softens your beard and tames stray hairs.

Most beard balm on the market contains beard wax or beeswax to add shine to your beard, making it look softer.

Start by dabbing a tiny quantity of beard balm into your fingers and work it into your beard.

After that, evenly apply the balm throughout your beard using plastic combs or beard brushes. You may also shape your beard into place with your fingertips to elevate your style.

Apply Beard Oil

Apply beard oil
Apply beard oil

One of the finest methods to soften your beard is using beard oil. Your beard will be softer and easier to handle because it is nourished and conditioned.

Start small by applying one or two drops of oils through your beard. Add more until you feel that your beard is well-nourished already.

With beard oil, you can massage your skin to help make the product penetrate the skin quickly. Depending on how prickly your beard is, you can do this step once or twice a day to keep your beard nourished.

Do Beard Combing and Brushing

Beard combing
Beard combing

Regularly combing your beard is among the best ways to soften it up and remove any beard dandruff. As a result, the hair will become softer and looser.

Instead of using only a plain beard comb or brush, you can add beard balm or oil onto it and spread it evenly throughout your beard. This way, your combing session will be easier, and the result will be more maximized.

Beard Trimming

Beard trimming
Beard trimming

A dry, unruly beard is commonly caused by dehydrated hair and split ends. Thus, using a beard trimmer to trim facial hair every once in a while is important, besides taking care of your beard by applying tons of products.

By doing regular trimming, you’ll remove all the bad parts, including the split ends of your beard. This way, you’ll look neater—and you can finally say goodbye to your messy image!

Diet Change

Clean diet
Clean diet

A great beard — and body — starts with a clean, healthy diet.

Your beard and mustache hair will look its best if you consume a lot of protein, good fats like omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins A and B.

You may utilize beard vitamins and nutritional supplements in addition to maintaining a balanced diet to assist your beard in staying in better health.

Plus, your beard can get thicker and healthier with the aid of supplements like biotin, fish oil, and vitamin H.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a beard take to soften?

If you’re committed within a few weeks, you should start noticing benefits. In the meantime, apply beard-growing products such as beard oils to make it grow faster.

Please note that you should only use beard wash every three days because more frequent use might have the reverse effect and dry out your beard. Also, consider using a beard conditioner after washing and shampooing your beard. Plus, trimming and daily brushing will keep your beard in good condition and free of split ends, which will also help.

Why Is My Beard Hair So Rough?

There are many reasons why your beard is so rough, including lack of moisture, dehydration, and split ends. Also, if you frequently use hard water during showers, it will be easy for your beard to get rougher.


A rough beard is caused by a lack of moisture, dehydration, split ends, and hard water. Usually, a rough, coarse beard usually gives off a messy look for your overall image. Thus, keeping your beard soft for an enchanting look is important.

There are seven simple steps in softening facial hair that you should try if you aim to get a soft beard. The steps are washing your beard, applying conditioner, applying beard balm, applying beard oil, trimming, and changing your diet.

By following those simple steps, you’ll get a softer beard eventually. Hope it helps!


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