Electric Beard Trimmer, Cleaning and Oiling Tips, To Keep It In the Best Possible Condition

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How to Maintain Your Electric Beard Trimmer

Beard clippers or Timmers work better than scissors or any other product to give you a professional and clean look.  But, when it comes to beard trimmers (or even electric shavers) they do need to be maintained and cleaned.  If you have recently bought a top stubble trimmer over the past few months or even within the last few years and it doesn’t seem to be working as well as it used to or it has a rattling sound inside the trimmer itself, it might be time to do some maintenance on it.

Don’t worry, it is not difficult to maintain your electric beard trimmer, just follow our easy tips for keeping your electric razor sharp, and get a clean shave every time.

If you use an electric shaver instead of a beard trimmer then read Groom+Style’s article on how to clean your electric shaver.

How to Tell If Your Trimmer (or Shaver) Needs Cleaning

Most modern electric trimmers do a good job of keeping hair out of the inner workings, but hair, skin, shaving products can all build up inside and on the blades, reducing cutting power and increasing the risk of nicks and cuts.

Sure signs that your electric shaver or trimmer needs cleaning (or further maintenance):

  • Rattling or unusual buzzing
  • A change in tone, like the motor is slowing
  • Discolouration or rust
  • Uneven shave, cuts or discomfort

How Often Should You Clean Your Electric Trimmer?

That depends on how often you shave and how thick your hair is, but performing some simple maintenance on your electric shaver after every shave is a good idea.

Reading the Manual

Most small appliances that you purchase, will contain some sort of a manual or document letting you know how to keep the electric shaver or trimmer working properly and what upkeep directions you need to follow.  But, just in case you threw these out or lost them because you did not think you would ever need them, you can use the rest of these tips to help clean and care for your electric trimmer or shaver.

Cleaning the Beard Trimmer

Most of the time when you buy an electric razor for men or an electric beard trimmer, it comes with a few items such as oil and a brush.  The brush is specifically used to remove any extra hair from inside the beard trimmer where the blades are.  Sometimes hair can get caked inside of the trimmer where the blade is and it can stop it working as well as it once did.  Once you remove the extra hair from the clippers, make sure you run the clippers for a few seconds to loosen any extra hair.  You should also be using a cotton swab to get inside of the crevices of the beard trimmer to remove extra hairs as well.

Oiling the Trimmer

Most people don’t understand why a quality beard trimmer comes with a little bottle of oil.  But, ultimately this oil is what keeps your beard trimmer blades lubricated as well as the rest of the trimmer oiled nicely.  It’s important to remember that beard trimmers are essentially a small machine with a lot of working parts inside of it.  So it’s important to keep it lubricated so that all of the smaller parts, including the blades, move when and how they are supposed.

If you do not have any oil that came with your beard trimmer, you can actually use vegetable oil or olive oil for the trimmer.  Just be sure not to use extra virgin olive oil, motor oil, Vaseline or any other oily substance because this can and will ruin your trimmer for good.

Here are a few tips on using the oil :

1- First and foremost, make sure that you use the steps above under cleaning the beard trimmer to remove all of the hairs and gunk from the trimmer itself.  After it’s clean, then you can add the oil to the blades.

2- Make sure that when you use any type of oil on the blades that the trimmer is off first. 🙂

3- When you are using oil, do not use the adage “more is less” instead less is more in this case.  You should only need to add 1-2 drops to the blades for this to work properly.  If you add too much oil it can actually make it rattle and ooze out of the trimmer.

4- Before using any trimmer with oil, make sure you check your manufactures warranty if you have one.  Just like with opening electronics – it voids the warranty.  When you use your own oil substances on your trimmer it might also void your warranty.  This might not seem important, but it is if you bought an expensive trimmer and you want to have it for a long time!

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Guide to Use Electric Beard Trimmer

Washable Trimmer vs Non-Washable

If you know your trimmer is washable, you can actually wash the shaver head under water to clean the blades better. This will help remove hairs, grease, and debris from the trimmer itself. Be sure that when you are cleaning the trimmer underwater, you place a small dollop of foam, like a beard filler, on top of the blade. Turn the trimmer on to make the foam penetrate into the head and then wash using cold to warm water. On the other hand, if your trimmer is not washable, you would want to use the brush and cotton swab as directed above.

If you want some additional information on how to utilize your beard trimmer then check out Groom+Style’s Beard Trimming 101 article.


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