How to Clean and Maintain an Electric Shaver Properly – Top Tips

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How to Clean and Maintain an Electric Shaver Properly – Top Tips

You’ve picked out your new electric shaver, or you received it as a gift, and you’re excited to start using it. Or, maybe you’re still researching the best type of electric razor to buy for your needs. If so, you should check out our list of the Top 5 best men’s shavers.

An electric shaver will give you a close and smooth shave without any cuts or skin irritation. But remember, like with any type of electronic device, over time your shaver will need some maintenance and TLC.

Even if it is touted as a self cleaning shaver, if the shaver is never manually cleaned it will stop working properly. These simple tips for cleaning your electric shaver will ensure it continues to deliver a smooth shave and has a long life.

If you use a beard trimmer instead of (or as well as) an electric shaver then read Groom+Style’s article on how to maintain your electric beard trimmer.

How Often Should I Clean my Electric Shaver?

It is best to manually deep clean your shaver at least every week, with general cleaning after every shave. When cleaning, you must make sure that all hair and skin cells inside have been properly removed. If you never clean your shaver, you’re losing out on a great investment. If the shaver gets clogged up with excess hairs it will put a strain on the motor and cause it to break down faster. Also, without proper cleaning, your shaver could be playing host to unpleasant bacteria!  The top end shavers like the Braun which come with their own cleaning station will need to be manually cleaned less frequently.

What is the Best Way to Clean an Electric Shaver?

Each electric shaver comes with a manufacturer booklet with important instructions concerning how to use your shaver over time and how to know when to clean it. The manual will also note some of the best tools to use for that specific razor, and which to avoid.

It is important to read through the manual and adopt these instructions. Below are the general best cleaning techniques for all brands – but please read your manual for more details.

1) Turn off the main switch and unplug the shaver.

2) Remove the cutter head by lifting it off its support. (Check your razor user manual if you’re having trouble).

3) Use a brush to loosen the accumulated hairs from the cutter head. Most electric shavers come with a brush you can use, or just use a small new paintbrush. Do not tap the head on the counter to remove the whiskers, this could damage the precision combs.

4) Run the brush over all parts associated with the cutter head, such as the frame.

5) Dismantle all other parts of the shaver that can be removed.

6) Using the small brush, hot water and a little liquid soap, clean all parts of the shaver. Instead of soap and water, you could use a special cleaning fluid that is sold anywhere that electric shavers are sold.

7) Rinse the parts in clean hot water.

8) Dry the parts with a towel and then allow to air dry.

9) Put the shaver back together.

10) For the best possible razor cleaning result, you should use a bit of oil to lubricate all metal surfaces of the razor screen and cutter while it is running. A aerosol lubricant such as Philip’s part no. AL80C or the “Shaver Saver” from Remington work great. Use the lubricant sparingly, and there’s no need to wipe it off.

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Proceed with your shaving!

With the simple steps laid outline here, you’ll be able to get a clean shave without all the hassle of an ill-performing razor.  Cleaning your electric razor will prolong its life and performance and offer both hygienic, cosmetic, and functional benefits.

When you feel that it’s time to upgrade your shaver, take your time and do your research. Check out the Electric Shaver Reviews – the team at Groom+Style personally test the top shavers to provide the most up to date and accurate information.

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