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Pitbull Skull Shaver Best Review

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Pitbull skull shaver

While most people are eyeing the slicked-back or undercut hairstyle these days, going bald is not a bad idea — it’s been slowly taking over the hairstyle industry!

Usually, people opt for going bald due to thinning hair. Instead of having a thin, high-maintenance hairstyle, they choose another option: going bald. Aside from that, some people also prefer to go bald since it requires low maintenance.

Whatever your reason for going bald is, it is best to have at least one skull shaver to preserve a clean cut. One of the leading skull shavers in the market is Pitbull Skull Shaver. Let’s dig deeper into this skull shaver business right here!

Benefits of Using Skull Shavers

Benefits of Using Skull Shavers
Benefits of Using Skull Shavers

Are you aiming for a clean-cut bald skull with little to no stubble? If so, skull shavers are great options for you.

Basically, a skull shaver is a hair shaver tool that uses oscillating rotary blades — which have been covered with thin layers of metal and operate at high speed. They can help provide you with the closest possible shave without irritating your skin or increasing the chances of ingrown hairs.

Also, this tool has a shock absorber effect, allowing it to push in on your head. That way, they can adapt properly based on the head shape while also preventing cuts due to excessive pulling against sensitive areas like around the ears.

Compared to other hair shaver tools — such as trimmers, clippers, and razors — skull shavers are much more efficient and safer to use. It has the ability to glide smoothly over your head with minimal chance of unnecessary cuts.

Pros and Cons of Skull Shavers

Pros and Cons of Skull Shavers
Pros and Cons of Skull Shavers

Skull shavers are undoubtedly great tools for keeping your bald head clean. However, there are pros and cons to this tool. Check out these lists:


The pros of skull shavers are:

  • An easy way to shave head
  • Cleaner shaving result
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to carry around
  • Easy to clean
  • Cordless use
  • Fuss-free shaving experience
  • Works for a wet or dry shave


The cons of skull shavers are:

  • May leave stubble behind
  • Not suitable for long hair
  • Requires a specific shaver USB for charging

Types of Pitbull Skull Shavers

Pitbull Skull Shaver is a top-tier skull electric shaver in the industry. With no hefty price tags for its quality, the products from this brand will surely cater to your head-shaving needs. Check out our recommended types below!

Pitbull Platinum Pro

Pitbull Platinum Pro
Pitbull Platinum Pro

Among other Pro series, the electric shaver Pitbull Platinum Pro is the most expensive one. This product is known for its flexible circular shaving heads and ergonomic handle that is easy to grip. The new blade design by Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum Pro guarantees excellent results in every area of your head.

The prominent features of this product include water resistance using IPX5 technology, shaving chambers to prevent hairs from falling off your skin and shirt, and rotary shaving heads.

Also, this product has quite long battery life (1400 mAh), allowing you to use it cordlessly for up to 90 minutes. An integrated LED display of battery percentages is also provided so that you know when to charge using the shaver USB.

Moreover, this product has a safe travel lock feature. This way, you don’t have to worry about it turning on suddenly in your luggage. It is also easy to clean so that you can minimize the fuss! On top of that, the platinum coating gives an elegant touch to the overall design.

With skull shaver Pitbull Platinum Pro, you can opt for both wet or dry shaves—it works just as great!

Pitbull Gold Pro

Pitbull Gold Pro
Pitbull Gold Pro

The new blade design by Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold Pro guarantees excellent results in every area of your head.

This means that you will have a better shaving experience, with less tugging on the skin to cut through all those tough bristles!

Pitbull Skull Shaver has a number of innovative features, including water resistance using IPX5 technology and shaving chambers to prevent hairs from falling off your skin. It also includes multi-directional rotary shaving heads for the ultimate convenience in shaves.

The product’s battery life is extended to 90 minutes with a charger and can be used cordlessly before needing another charge. A blue integrated LED display of battery percentages is also provided so that you know when to charge using the shaver USB.

The design includes both safety features like the travel lock that prevents accidental turns on while in luggage as well an elegant gold coating which adds polish without flashy accents.

The skull shaver Pitbull Gold Pro is a great option for those who want the best of both worlds: dry or wet shaving!

Pitbull Silver Pro

Pitbull Silver Pro
Pitbull Silver Pro

Pitbull Silver Pro is the cheapest Pitbull Skull Shaver type among others in this series.

This electric shaver product is the ultimate in convenience. It includes multi-directional rotary shaving heads, water resistance using IPX5 technology, and shaving chambers to prevent hairs from falling off your skin during use!

Plus, you’ll be able to shave for up to 60 minutes cordlessly without worrying about running out of battery. This product’s sleek and stylish design includes LED light indicators to warn you about the battery life. Also, there’s no need to worry about bringing this product for traveling since its safety locks will keep everything safe.

The Pitbull Silver Pro electric shaver is the perfect option for those who want a smoother shave, whether you want to shave wet or dry.

Pitbull Palm

Pitbull Palm
Pitbull Palm

Similar to its name, the Pitbull Palm skull electric shaver fits conveniently in the palm of your hand.

The featuring CR-3 blade will provide you with the best possible shave. With three independent heads, it can flex in any direction to give an efficient close cut without causing irritation or abrasion on your skin.

On top of that, this Pitbull Skull Shaver also features water resistance technology, ear and nose trimmer attachment, and cordless operation with long battery life (up to 60 minutes).

How about the cleaning? No worries; the built-in vacuum system ensures the cleaning session is fast and convenient.

If you are looking for a great built-quality electric shaver with an additional ear & nose trimmer for maximal use, this type of shaver is highly recommended. 

Most Frequently Ask Questions

Does Skull Shaver leave stubble?

A skull shaver can leave fine stubble on your head. Therefore, you must be careful in choosing the right electric shaver product to minimize the possibility of stubble as a finished look.

Does Pitbull have a head shaver?

Yes, Pitbull has quite a wide range of electric head/skull shavers. Some of them are Pitbull Platinum Pro, Pitbull Gold Pro, Pitbull Silver Pro, and Pitbull Palm. Each type has its own supremacy with different prices.

How long do Pitbull Skull Shaver blades last?

Depending on how you use them, the blades of the Pitbull Skull Shaver can last up to 3-6 months. However, it is recommended that blade change occurs at least twice yearly to ensure that it is clean and able to perform well from time to time.


All in all, the Pitbull Skull Shaver is a great product for those looking for an affordable and convenient way to shave their heads. The electric shaver is durable, easy to use, and gets the job done quickly and efficiently. If you’re in the market for a new head shaver, we definitely recommend giving the Pitbull Skull Shaver a try!


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