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how to trim mustache

The much-criticized mustaches are back in style, partly due to the dynamic popularity of facial hair styles. Despite its ups and downs in popularity, many still believe that having facial hair, especially a mustache, demonstrates manliness, hence its massive comeback. However, poor mustache treatment can affect your facial features.

Aiming for a more dashing, manly look? It would help if you had a proper trick for the mustache trim. While this is a rather tricky thing to do, it is incredibly worthwhile. Don’t worry; although you’re not a pro, you will rock your mustache styles once you follow this guidance. Check out these easy-to-follow tricks on how to trim mustache like a pro!

What you need to trim your mustache

how to trim mustache
What you need to trim your mustache

A mustache can be a great addition to any man’s facial hair repertoire, but it’s important to make sure that it is well-groomed and trimmed. Here are the right tools and products you’ll need to keep your facial hair, especially your mustache, looking sharp:

Mustache wax

Mustache wax is a go-to product for many mustache enthusiasts. Living up to its name, mustache wax is the kind of wax used for your mustache.

If you’re familiar with the wax people typically use for keeping their hair in shape, you’ll get the gist of mustache wax. So, what is mustache wax?

This product can provide a firm hold that can withstand the elements and keep your mustache styles in place all day long.

Aside from that, this wax typically contains nourishing oils and beeswax to not only keep your ‘stache looking sharp but also to strengthen and moisturize them. Say hello to soft, nourished mustache hair once you try this product.


If you’re familiar with a beard trimmer, you must know that a mustache trimmer is also a thing. You can use these tools for both personal and professional purposes. Different types of mustache trimmers are available in the market, and each has its own set of features. Some popular mustache trimmers brands include Wahl, Philips, and many more.

When choosing a hair trimmer, it is crucial to consider the type of blades that it uses. Usually, there are two main types of edges: rotary and foil. Rotary blades are more common in professional hair trimmers because they provide a more precise cut. On the other hand, Foil blades are better suited for home use since they are less likely to cause nicks and scratches.

The best mustache trimmer

Wahl lithium ion pen detailer

Wahl lithium ion pen detailer is a versatile, convenient lithium-ion electric trimmer that is perfect for all your detailing needs. This trimmer comes with a detachable blade system that includes 3 interchangeable heads: Detail Trimmer, Reciprocation Trimmer, and Ear/Nose Trimmer Heads.

The lithium AAA battery provides up to 3.5 hours of cordless run time and charges quickly. This product also features a protective cap for easy and safe portability.

Besides mustache treatment, the Wahl lithium ion pen detailer is the perfect tool for any number of other detailing jobs, including:

  • Trimming beards and mustaches
  • Touching up sideburns
  • Creating detailed hair designs
  • Defining eyebrows

Philips multigroom trimmer

The Philips multigroom trimmer series is your all-in-one grooming solution. It has 32 different types to cater to your grooming needs, from head to toe.

The trimmer series comes with a tempered steel blade designed for precision and durability, making it the perfect tool for everything from trimming your mustache to shaving your head.

The electric trimmer series also features a built-in battery that provides up to 60 minutes of run time, so you can keep going even on the go. With its ergonomic design and washable attachments, the Philips multigroom trimmer series is the perfect tool for any man who wants to look his best.

So, which product is the best for the clean shave of your mustache? Here’s the recommendation for their newest products:

  • Multigroom series 3000 9-in-1
  • Multigroom series 5000 11-in-1
  • Multigroom series 7000 12-in-1


A good pair of hair scissors is an essential tool for anyone who aspires to have a clean shave look for their mustache. Hair scissors come in various shapes and sizes, but all work to accomplish the same: give you a clean, precise cut.

There are commonly two types of blades used in hair scissors: convex and beveled. Convex blades have a slight curve to them, which helps to provide a smoother cut. Beveled blades are slightly angled, which gives them more cutting power.

When choosing a pair of hair scissors for your mustache-trimming business, it’s essential to pick a blade shape that will work well for the mustache styles you want to make.

If you’re not sure which type of blade to choose, ask your nearest hair stylist, or simply take a look at these recommendations:

The best mustache scissors

Jason mustache and beard scissors

This brand releases mustache and beard scissors in various sizes—the most popular ones are the 4.5″ and 6″. Starting from $34.25, trim all those hard-to-reach stray hairs in your mustache without worrying about getting cut!

They designed their blades to cut through coarse beard and mustache hair. The micro-serrated edges help grab even the finest strands, while their hardiness ensures that they will last for years without losing the edge or becoming dull from overuse.

With their sharp, durable blades, these scissors will last for years. Also, the ergonomic handle is easy to grip and control the weight of your cut. Therefore, you no longer need to worry about hand fatigue, cramping up from holding it too long, or even slippage.

Overall, this product will make your shaving experience more comfortable and efficient.

Tweezerman mustache scissors

If you’re looking for blades that offer precision and detail, then look no further. These $13.50 stainless steel razors provide a close shave with their ergonomic design making them easy to control while also being durable enough in case of any accidents on your skin.

This product also comes in handy with its easy tool care. You only have to clean it with alcohol after each use.

Without a doubt, this product is a great addition to any man’s grooming kit.


A comb is a grooming tool used to style hair. Combs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Commonly, combs are made of plastic, metal, or wood. The most common type of comb is the pocket comb, which is small enough to fit in a pocket or purse. Combs is also used to remove tangles from hair.

Combs have been used for centuries, and their designs have varied throughout history. Nowadays, there are various combs, such as all-purpose combs, fine-tooth combs, pick combs, and many more.

These combs come with different purposes. For instance, a pick comb is mainly used to handle thick or frizzy hair. Meanwhile, you can use a fine-tooth comb for a beard comb or a mustache comb.

With their proven benefits after a long time of usage, combs are definitely essential to keep your hair in shape, including your mustache. If you’re still unsure of the best comb brands to use, check out these recommendations:

The best mustache comb

Kent pocket comb

Kent Handmade Combs is a world-renowned brand for its high quality of preventing to damage hair or scalp. They come in pretty good prices too—start from £4.00!

Made of cellulose acetate, this brand releases various types of combs, including the iconic Kent pocket comb.

The result is effortlessly gliding through even thick locks without scratching your skin—it’ll feel great while preventing any pain caused by rough brushing sessions.

Beardbrand pocket comb

Another excellent pick for a pocket comb comes from Beardbrand. Made of Italian cellulose acetate, this comb is durable and perfect to groom your hair smoothly, including your mustache.

This pocket comb is perfect for you to bring during your trips since it comes with a handy size dimension: 4.31″ x 0.125″ x 1.625″ (112.5mm x 27.5mm).

The best part is that this product is relatively affordable—$18 for a piece! A pretty good deal for your mustache grooming session indeed.

Step by step to trim your mustache

Step by step to trim your mustache
Step by step to trim your mustache

The good news is that you will never run out of mustache style. From a handlebar mustache to a chevron mustache, there are numerous styles to fit your personal preference!

However, to achieve your preferred style, you have to understand the basic method. Check out these simple step-by-step to trim your mustache!

  1. Let It Grow Out. Which style are you after, the English mustache or the handlebar mustache? Long or short? Would you prefer it to be fuller on certain sides?Based on the finished look you aspire for, you need to grow your stache to a certain length.
  2. Get The Right Tools. Start the preparation of mustache trimming by grabbing the right tools mentioned above: mustache wax, trimmers, scissors, and combs. After these tools are fully prepared, you’re good to go!
  3. Comb It Out. Make your mustache neat before the execution by combing it out. Later on, it will be easier for you to trim it when the starting point is already neat!
  4. Start to Trim It. Ready to trim your mustache? Start it easy by cutting the hairs across your upper lip. After that, trim the hairs in the upper areas of your mustache. Don’t forget to make the appearance of your mustache precise by balancing the thickness!
  5. Style It Out. You’re only one step to go: style your mustache out! Since this is the final step of this mustache-trimming process, make sure to go all-out for this. You don’t have to be perfect in styling it out—just try your best!

Most Frequently Ask Questions

Should I trim the mustache above the lip?

Keep mustaches at the base to give an attractive appearance. You will often shave under the handles at the outside edges of your mouth. Lift mustaches and trim off hairs that aren’t on the handlebars.

Will my mustache get thicker if I trim it?

Careful maintenance on your mustache will help you maintain the kind of mustache you want. However, your mustache will not get thicker even if you’re trimming it often. So, don’t worry about it!


All in all, trimming your mustache is not as hard as it seems. With the right tools and a bit of practice, you can have a well-groomed mustache that will make you look distinguished and enchanting. Give these tips a try the next time you need to give your mustache a trim!


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