How to Choose the Best Epilator for Facial Hair

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choose epilator for facial hair

When you have facial hair, you might be asking yourself how to choose the best epilator. It may be hard for you to get information you need and you may be embarrassed – but there is no need to be.

All women have facial hair. It is just more noticeable in some women. The following will hopefully help.

There are many types of electric razors for women, but epilators work differently. Epilators work well on the course, dark hair that is usually found on the body. The hair on a woman’s face is normally light and fine, but sometimes the hair becomes more like that found on the head and body. When a woman has a medical condition like PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) facial hair can become more noticeable.  Women with PCOS can experience thinning hair on their heads while having thicker body hair, and have course hair on their neck, sideburns, upper lip and chin. This can lead to feelings of insecurity. Finding the best epilator for the face is one step towards feeling better about yourself.

Alternatives – Shaving Facial Hair for Women

Some women try shaving their facial hair. This can be a mistake because it cuts the hair bluntly and makes it look even more course. For some women, shaving each day can cause damage to their skin. Much like a man, they also end up with a 5 o’clock shadow.

Alternatives – Depilatory Creams for Women

Some women turn to depilatory creams, but these can leave the delicate skin of the face read and inflamed. They also do not work very well on thick, course hair. The very best way to get rid of hair is right at the root. Two methods women try are plucking and waxing.

Alternatives – Plucking or Waxing Facial Hair

Plucking may work if you have a few stray hairs.  However, if you have a lot of hair on your face, it can be tedious and take a very long time. It is not something you will want to do often. Waxing can work, but you are also exposing yourself to possible burns and skin damage from not doing it correctly.

What would take your hours with a pair of tweezers can take you just minutes with the right epilator. With the best epilator for facial hair, you can avoid stubble and burns while removing hairs effectively from the roots. Here are some of the things you should look for when purchasing an epilator to use on your face.

Things to Consider When Buying an Epilator for Facial Hair

Epilators are a great way to remove hair from the face because removing hair at the root causes it to grow back softer and finer every time. That means with time, you facial hair should start to look less and less course. You can also pair the epilator with a hair growth inhibiting cream  (link to Amazon) that will cause your facial hair to grow back more slowly.

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For women, the most problematic areas for facial hair growth are:

  • Sideburns
  • Upper lip
  • Chin

Facial Epilators – Small Enough to Cater For the Contours of the Face

Since most epilators are too big to be effective in these smaller areas, you need to find one that is small enough to remove hair in tight spots. While some epilators come with a facial hair attachment, these are not what we recommend you use. One reason is that the attachment is just a cover that exposes less of the tweezer heads on the epilator. They are still wide and bulky and that means that skin can get trapped and pinched. A bulky epilator that could pinch your delicate facial skin is not going to be the best epilator for facial hair.

Facial hair tends to be finer than body hair. No matter what you do, epilating is going to cause some pain. Removing fine hair with an epilator can be more painful that removing thick hair. The skin on your face is also more sensitive than the skin on your body. Aloe Vera and witch hazel can help lessen the irritation from epilating – or you can even consider using a local antiseptic spray (link to Amazon).

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Detailed List of things to Look for in Facial Epilators

There are features you need to keep an eye out for when you choosing the best epilator for facial hair.

  • Find a model with a small surface that will easily accommodate the contours of your face.
  • Look for an epilator that has multiple speed settings. You may need slower or faster speeds depending on how your hair and skin react to epilation.
  • Find an epilator that has the tweezers located inside of the head. Epilators that have tweezers on the outside of the head can pinch or cut the skin on your face.
  • You need to test your new epilator on a small patch of skin to make sure you have the best epilator for facial hair before you use it on your entire face. You want to make sure you are not going to get bumps or a rash from the epilator.

Ideal Length of Facial Hair for Epilating

When you are using an epilator on your face, you are going to want to trim any long hairs, and let any really short hairs grow to around two or three millimeters. This is the ideal length for epilating.

Tip: The most difficult place to epilate is the upper lip. When removing hair from this area, make sure you move the epilator quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth. This will remove the hair better and leave skin smoother than using an electric razor, and definitely better than using a razor blade.

When you are choosing an epilator for the face, it is best to go with a wet/dry model. When skin is lubricated, epilating is less painful. You will also be able to dip the epilator in water to get the hair off. Using a wet/dry epilator makes the process very much like shaving with an electric shaver for women.

The Best Epilator for Facial Hair

Finding the best epilator to use on your face is a personal decision. There is no one right answer, or one-size-fits all epilator. What works for you will depend on your hair and skin types. It also may depend on your budget. You should buy the best epilator you can afford for your face since it is such a delicate and visible area.

Do you travel frequently? A smaller model that is battery operated will probably be the best option for traveling, provided you have fresh batteries. If you travel out of the country, you definitely do not want to be dependent on a corded epilator that you cannot plug in.


The best epilator for facial hair will be the one that:

  • Works with your skin and hair type while causing you the least amount of pain.
  • Has been tested on a small patch of skin and does not cause bumps or cause you to break out in a rash.
  • The best epilator for your face may not work on both your hair and body. If you need to epilate your face, it is worth it to invest in a separate epilator.
  • Works as a wet/dry epilator because it hurts less to epilate lubricated skin.


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