Hipster Mustache Mania: Embracing Facial Hair Trends with Confidence

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Hipster mustache
Hipster mustache

Hipster Mustache Mania: Embracing Facial Hair Trends with Confidence

Gone are the days when a clean-shaven face was the norm—now it’s all about embracing your inner hipster with a carefully curated mustache. Whether it’s a perfectly groomed handlebar or a long and wide style, the hipster mustache offers various options.

Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of hipster mustaches, exploring their origins, styles, and the confidence they bring to those who rock them. Get ready to get inspired!

Hipster Mustache Styles for Bold Men

Ready to level up your mustache game? Let’s dive into the world of hipster mustache mania.

Long Handlebar

Robert Johansson with a handlebar-mustache
Robert Johansson with a handlebar-mustache

If you want to bring out your inner oldies charm, the long handlebar is a great choice. This style is characterized by its length and the ends of the mustache. You can style it with a slight upward curve or even a jaunty curl for a more hipster look.

French Handlebar

French Handlebar
French Handlebar

Bold enough to rock a vintage style? Another handlebar mustache option is available: the French handlebar. This French twist is achieved by curling each of its ends with the help of styling products, such as mustache wax.

The result? You’ll appear as a distinguished gentleman with extra flair. However, it might not be the best option for everyday looks since it requires more work.

Pencil Style Hipster Mustache

Pencil Style Hipster Mustache
Pencil Style Hipster Mustache

Similar to the French handlebar mustache, this style requires some styling products to shape each tip and achieve curls. However, the overall size is smaller compared to the French handlebar—hence the name, pencil style.

It is characterized by its thin, precise shape above the upper lip, resembling a pencil line. What makes it great is that you can modify the length of the curled tips according to your personal preferences.

Handlebar with a Beard

handlebar balbo style
handlebar balbo

Add some balance to your look by adding a beard as a handlebar mustache companion. This style will not only make you appear as a gentleman but also tone down the highlight of your mustache.

Make sure to take care of the beard just as well as you take care of the mustache. This way, you’ll avoid looking rugged.

Chevron with a Beard

Chevron with a beard
Chevron with a beard

The chevron mustache is characterized by its downward-angled shape towards the corners of the mouth. It covers most upper lips and has pointed ends that form an upside-down V shape.

If you don’t want to put too much highlight on this thick ‘stache, it’s a good idea to combine it with a classic full beard or the hipster beard.

70s Style Horseshoe Hipster Mustache

Horseshoe mustache worn by Hulk Hogan
Horseshoe mustache worn by Hulk Hogan

Channel your inner carefree old soul with the 70s-style horseshoe mustache. This extravagant style has a very long length that forms a horseshoe-like shape by pointing downward.

As the length exudes a hipster persona, you won’t need many styling products to take care of it. Just let the breeze passes by and blow over it gently to show off its uniqueness. And you can combine it with a full beard to add some perfect hipster rugged effect.

Long and Wild

Long and wild beard
Long and wild beard

There’s nothing more defining for hipsters than a full carefree look, and this style can help you achieve that. As the name suggests, this hipster-style mustache has a long length and wild appearance, perfect for hipsters with no time for daily grooming sessions. Just allow your ‘stache and beard to go wild, add some tousled hair, and you’re ready to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you grow a hipster mustache?

To grow a hipster mustache, stop shaving and let it grow, then regularly groom and trim while using mustache wax for shaping, and decide on your preferred style.

What is the Hulk Hogan mustache called?

The mustache style famously worn by Hulk Hogan is commonly known as a “Horseshoe mustache”. It is named for its shape, which resembles an upside-down U or a horseshoe, extending from the upper lip down to the jawline on both sides of the mouth.

What is Freddie Mercury’s mustache called?

Freddie Mercury’s iconic mustache style is commonly known as a “Chevron mustache”. It is a thick, straight mustache that extends horizontally across the upper lip, with the edges neatly trimmed.


In conclusion, the hipster mustache is taking center stage as one of the most popular mustache styles. The mustache styles have gained popularity among the fashion-forward crowd, from the handlebar to the Chevron and everything in between.

Regular trimming and grooming are essential to keep your hipster mustache at its best. Additionally, be bold to experiment with different styles and shapes until you find the one that suits you best.

So go ahead, groom that stache, embrace the hipster mustache mania, and let your facial hair tell its own story. With confidence as your ally, you’ll rock any hipster mustache style you choose, leaving a lasting impression on those around you!


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