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bald and bearded

The bald, beard combo is going strong in 2020. In fact, beards aren’t just encouraged for bald men when it comes to styling, they’re recommended.

A shaved head, especially if someone is doing it for the first time, can leave a man feeling a little naked. If you’re in this position, one of the best ways to spice up a shaved head is to try out a beard style. The way that a beard helps to shape your face could not only give a focal point to balance out your missing hair, but it could also give you the sort of change and lift to help you look and feel completely new.

Grooming Tips for a Shaved Head

Shaving one’s head is the action of a man who is ready to take control over the fact that he’s going bald. One common misconception is that a bald head will age you. When the alternative is sparse and balding hair, shaving your head is actually more likely to make you appear younger.

If this is your first scalp shave, or you’re still getting a feel for how to take care of a shaved head, here are some tips to get you started:

  • Shave after a shower, when your hair’s at its softest. This will mean the razor won’t have to hack at it, and there will be less of a chance of cutting yourself or getting razor burn.
  • Make sure you have good lighting while shaving. Additionally, if this really is your first time, you might want to bring in a buddy who can help you with an extra pair of eyes, as you get the lay of the land.
  • Shave with the grain, not against it, this will cause less irritation both in the shaving process and when the hair grows back in.
  • Set up a schedule for shaving. This allows it to fit purposefully into your life style and makes it so that you don’t have any gaps.
  • Buy some high quality sunscreen and SPF moisturizer right away. The skin on top of your head is extremely sensitive to burning, so you want to have sun protection available when you need it.
  • Shampoo and condition when showering to keep your scalp hydrated and clean.

Dress Your Face According to its Shape

Since the beard tends to be a focal point for you style, it can be a good move to choose your beard style based on your face shape. This will complement the natural shape of your face and make you facial hair look as good as possible. Learning to work with your face shape will make it easier to make those smaller styling decision that lead you to your perfect beard style, such as where to trim, at what angle, and to what extent.

Here’s a brief guide to get you started thinking about what beard will best work with your face shape:

  • If your face is square or round, it’s best to grow your beard thicker and longer on the chin and bottom and shorter on the sides. You want your facial hair to add length and dimension, so you can opt for a pointed goatee for a round face, or a more sculpted goatee for a square jaw.
  • Someone with a rectangular or oblong face would opt for keeping their beard fuller on the side and shorter on the bottom, since a pointed beard could end up lengthening your face.
  • Someone with an oval face will benefit from most styles, but might often opt for keeping their hair a consistent length on the chin and sides. You should avoid pointed beards like the stiletto style, since these can change the balance of your face.
  • Someone with a heart-shaped face needs a beard that hangs strongly on their jaw. This often means a short or even scruffy beard.
  • Triangular faces generally already have accentuated jawlines, so a beard can add a nice accent, but you’ll most likely want to avoid adding a lot of weight. This means a closely cropped or stubble beard, and mustache combo.
bald and beard

Best Beard Styles for Bald Men

You don’t have to look very far to find cool beard styles for bald guys, since the bald head makes it easy to pull off just about anything when it comes to facial hair. Additionally, bald men are already well-acquainted with the time cost and skills of hair maintenance, so when they do grow beards, they can put these skills to use with excellent maintenance and well-styled beards.

Here are our top picks for a bald and bearded look:

1) A Full Mustache

A strong mustache will look intentional while drawing attention away from your head to your face. Something about this single piece of hair gives the statement that you know you’re bald and you meant it that way.

2) The Goatee or Circle Beard

When you’re bald, you can pull off the goatee or circle beard without reservation. This style keeps everything concentrated on you face while adding definition and interest. Whether you choose to keep it short with a stubble fade, or go for a longer look, you can’t lose here.

3) A Full Beard

If you’re ready to bypass interesting and take you beard game to distinguished, wear a full beard with a bald head. Not only does this give a strong sense of intentionality behind your baldness, but it also fully dresses up your face and allows you the most latitude for beard styling.

The bald and bearded look has taken flight among black men. While bald black men wear many styles of beard, one trend in particular stands out. This is the full beard with beard fade. This style has a thick beard at the bottom of the face, which gradually fades into stubble  as it moves higher up the face. This style seamlessly integrates the beard into the bald look and maintains that strong intentionality behind bald men with beards.

4) Bald and Stubble

Going bald and wearing stubble can give you the look of a Hollywood action hero. A cultivated stubble look can add adventure to an otherwise clean-cut appearance. This look is versatile, quick to shave off when you need it, and it will easily carry you from work into play.

Bald men can accomplish a particular kind of clean cut look, while still having a strong beard style on the bottom. Just about any style of beard can work well with a bald head, so what really matters is that you wear is proudly and feel good in it.


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