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Remington XR1370 Review – Amazing Looks, But Is It Really Worth Its Price?

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Remington XR1370

Please note this is now an older model – and an older article by Groom+Style.

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The Remington XR1370 Hyper Series Review –

First Impression

A great number of individuals in the current market may not notice this impressive-looking rotary shaver made by Remington, but once you see it, the striking visual element is not easily forgotten. This model looks classy and snatches your attention at the very first sight thanks to its design. The no-slip grip and ergonomic shape fits comfortably in your hands, and the device presents a very large, visible numeric display on the front that takes all the guesswork out of finding out how much battery life you have left.

While Remington’s beard and mustache trimmers are certainly of high quality, most Remington electric shavers have not carried an impressive enough impact until now. This sleek, elegant Remington XR1370 Hyper Series shaver demands attention and deserves the amount that it gets thanks to its clever design, attractive look and healthy set of features. This is a Remington rotary shaver of vastly superior quality to the others on the market, as the manufacturer is all too happy to claim without any need to exaggerate.

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What Makes This Particular Model Such An Impressive Rotary Shaver?

The XR1370 is definitely a shaver that is easy on the skin. It is an ideal choice for just about any hair type, and particularly well suited for individuals who want to control thick growing facial hair. Despite the power present in the rotary style head, this model was designed to trim that tough hair while eliminating skin irritation at the same time.

If you are looking for a good rotary shaver and you have not yet found one that offers all of the features you want, delivered in a neat and efficient performance package, this product will easily justify its cost. A truly innovative product in nearly every sense of the word, this is the kind of product you can definitely rely on.

Features of Remington XR1370

It features Precision Plus shaving heads that offer excellent comfort without compromising the cutting and trimming power of this device. Just about every man knows that the unpleasant pulling of hair can be an unfortunately very common experience when shaving with electric razors. To resolve this issue, the Remington shaver heads feature separate holes and slots that are designed to catch both short and long hairs, respectively.

These heads then trim them separately, reducing the pull and tug of the blades on your face. The dual track blade mechanism lets the blade reach the level of your skin, cutting the hair effectively at the base of the growth. This feature allows you to perform the very closest shave you can get, directly addressing the stubble often left after a single shaving pass.

Design and Feel

Ergonomic design ensures maximum efficiency and a total absence of fatigue while this device is being used. The independent heads each individually pivot in order to reach all the hard-to-shave areas of the face, such as the chin. It offers a flexible rotary neck that helps make the movement of these flexing heads easy. This allows the electric razor to deliver a dual performance, ensuring a comfortable shave.

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As the HyperFlex™ name suggests, it has a flexible neck joint that allows the head to move towards any angle in its entirety, adhering comfortably to the shape of your face and allowing an efficient shave, one pass at a time, with great comfort. While the head was designed with the ability to turn and twist around its pivoted base, three cutting heads support the capacity to float independently within the chassis, independently cutting and trimming with great dexterity. This is part of what allows this electric razor to make such a close shave. The flexible design allows the head to reach into areas of difficulty such as the neck and chin area, while maintaining contour and providing a close shave at every pass.

Is Remington XR1370 Travel Friendly?

Yes, Thanks to Remington’s design, this shaver is travel friendly – definitely to be packed along by travelers of any kind. The lithium-ion battery pushes maximum power to the tiny motor that allows cordless shaving time of up to 60 minutes. An additional 5 minutes quick charge option provides enough power for a single use in a very short amount of time.

Coming with this device is an elegant and lightweight charging stand, a welcome companion for any traveler. It not only makes an ideal stand for the device, but also acts as a protective dock for storing it safely while you are traveling. It also conveniently functions in the capacity of a travel lock, preventing the shaver from accidentally activating while stowed away in your travel bag. It is not large and bulky like the huge charging and cleaning docks that other shavers often come with.

With Remington’s WetTech™ technology, you have the flexibility and freedom to shave freely in the shower, using foam or gel for maximum comfort, while enjoying the same effectiveness as with a dry shave.

Groom+Style’s Verdict on XR1370

Although the XR1370 does not promise a shaving experience on the order of other top shelf shaver options like the best products offered by Philip Norelco, it is surely a great upgrade for Remington. They have abandoned the legacy of remaining one step behind all of the greatest competing Norelco shavers, and created an excellent electric razor in the process. For shaving without irritation, this is a great alternative to other top-tier shavers for consumers who are searching for excellent features and high quality performance at a reasonable price.

This is a shaver that will assure you years of gentle, close shaves without unwanted irritation. While it was created to trim all kinds of hair, if you are an individual with a very thick and heavy beard, you may see better results with a more powerful product. If you want to avoid taking chances, the most advisable option is to check another, more powerful shaver like the Philip Norelco Sensotouch 3D/1250 that carries the distinction of being one of the best rotary shavers on the market. For light duty, comforting shaves, however, this Remington product is a great investment that will serve you well.


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