Should I Shave My Beard? These are The Reason

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Should I shave my beard

“Should I shave my beard?” This one is a classic question most men have in mind at least once in their lives.

While having the right style of beard can boost your masculine side, shaving them off is also a good choice for your appeal. When you go from a guy with a beard to a beardless guy — and vice versa — you’ll dramatically change your overall image.

Therefore, shaving your beard is a personal decision — sometimes a hard one — but there are some benefits that you may want to consider.

For starters, it can give you a more polished look and feel. Beards have been traditionally seen as more of a rugged look, so if you’re looking for something sleeker and more modern, shaving might be the way to achieve it. Meanwhile, if you want to impress others with your manly beard, you can keep it. However, please make it always well-groomed.

So, beard or no beard? The choice is all yours, but reading our explanation below might help you in making the decision regarding the “Should I shave my beard?” question. Read on!

Should I Shave My Beard? Here are Common Reasons You Should Do It

You Have a Job Interview Coming Up

Job Interview
Job Interview

“Should I shave my beard?” you might ask. Well, if you have a beard to be religious or apply to jobs that do not require rigid dress codes, it’s okay to keep your facial hair as it is for your job interviews.

However, although beards are increasingly popular, there are still some workplaces with the traditional view that men must appear in clean shaven beards during interviews.

If you are pursuing creative work and are sure that the work environment is casual, you may want to maintain your beard.

However, suppose you apply for a corporate or similar job. In that case, consider cutting the rest out altogether to appear neater with a clean shaven look during your job interview.

If you are unsure about company policy, then try looking up images online and seeing what other men looked like.

The upkeep is too much

Too Much Upkeep
Too Much Upkeep

Having a good beard means a lot of responsibility. If you want to look sexy and natural, it’s essential that you get a good facial hairstyle, proper beard grooming kits and the consistency to do regular maintenance.

This can be incredibly difficult when you are unable to spend time on your grooming routine.

Although being shaven does not feel effortless (you need to shave frequently), it does need less maintenance. Therefore, if you think you don’t have the time and energy to groom regularly, it is best just to shave your beard all off.

It Makes You Look Older Than You Like

Makes You Look Older
Makes You Look Older

Facial hairs are believed to add years to a person’s beauty. In an analysis published in Behavioral Ecology in 2012, researchers asked females to determine the male participants’ age at which they had facial hair and not.

As a result, the more facial hair a person had, the more his perceived age. This is a benefit, especially if you have a rather baby face and want to look more mature with a beard. But it’s hardly as great when you are just 25 years old, and some are misinterpreting you as a 50-something man — you won’t want that! Therefore, having a clean shaven look is recommended.

You Can Only Grow a Patchy Beard

Patchy Beard
Patchy Beard

In general, beards should not be bald or patchy as it is more appealing. Sadly, only some have the blessing of having a well-grown beard; some beards always grow as patchy.

If you have no idea what you can do to improve the growing capability of your facial hair, then it might be a good idea to shave it out first to have a clean shaven beard.

You can do this a few times until your patchy beard grows evenly, eventually.

Your Beard is Hard to Maintain

Your Beard is Hard to Maintain
Your Beard is Hard to Maintain

A gentle reminder: some beards are hard to maintain, and sometimes it is best to make your facial hair go away.

If you have a thick, coarse facial hair type, having a beard might be hard to maintain. Usually, a suitable regime involves proper brushing, styling, and treatment using beard oil, balm, and other stuff. However, there are possibilities that those products won’t work as best for your facial hair.

Taking time to tame and pamper your beard routinely might be too much fuss. It requires much time and much effort. Therefore, if you have hard-to-maintain, thick facial hair, shaving them off is a better solution.

Reasons to Keep Your Beard

Women find it sexy

Women find it sexy
Women find it sexy

Do you ever feel like you need a bit of something extra to make you stand out? Well, why not grow yourself a beard?

Studies have shown that women find men with beards sexy — so why not give it a go?

You might discover the secret to turning heads and catching the eye of that special someone. Plus, there are lots of different styles to choose from — so you can pick one that is perfect for your look and personality.

So what are you waiting for? Start growing your good-looking beard to become an instant heart-stealer for women from now on.

Beard Can Keep Your Face Warm

Beard Can Keep Your Face Warm
Beard Can Keep Your Face Warm

Beards are an amazing and practical way to keep your face warm during colder months. Not only do they provide a cushion of warmth for your skin, but they also trap the heat that is generated by your body.

This means that even when temperatures drop, you can still feel comfortable with a beard. Plus, beards look great, too — they come in all sizes and shapes, so you can find one that perfectly suits your style.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to stay cozy this winter regarding “Should I shave my beard?” question, get away from the razor and start growing that perfect beard.

You’re part of an exclusive club

You're part of an exclusive club
You’re part of an exclusive club

Want a little social acceptance to start the day? Wearing your beards help you to be an exclusive club member of men with beards.

No matter how your beard style is, bearded men will instantly recognize their fellow bear-mates. Be it through admiration or simply recognition by a subtle head nod, a beard can bring about a feeling of respect from other bear wearers. So, you might want to answer yes to the “Should I shave my beard?” question.

Beard Protect Your Skin

Beards protect your skin
Beards protect your skin

Beards are more than just a stylish statement. In fact, they help protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Research has shown that facial hair can block up to 95% of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and is an effective form of protection for your skin.

So if you have a full beard or even just some stubble, it pays to keep it growing.

Plus, studies suggest that bearded men may also experience fewer wrinkles and lines on their faces due to this extra layer of defense against the sun.

Of course, no one should solely rely on their beard as their only source of sun protection; it is still important to wear sunscreen and protective clothing when spending time outdoors. But a beard is always a great answer if you’re looking for added protection. So, the answer to “Should I shave my beard?” question is still: yes.

It Took Your Beard a Long Time to Grow Out

It Took Your Beard a Long Time to Grow Out
It Took Your Beard a Long Time to Grow Out

Your beard plays a great role in your look, and it has taken you quite some time to grow it.

So don’t be too quick to shave off that hard-earned facial hair!

In some cases, growing a full beard can take months, even years — are you sure you will let all that effort go to waste?

Instead, invest in proper grooming products and maintain luscious facial hair for as long as possible. Who knows? Maybe it will become your signature beard style.

Take care of what you have, and enjoy the fantastic results. There’s nothing like having a great-looking beard that you can feel proud of. So keep up the excellent work!

The Reasons Why You Should Shave Your Beard


So, what’s the verdict on the “Should I shave my beard?” question? It really depends on you and your preferences. But hopefully, this article has helped give you a better idea of the pros and cons of shaving or not shaving your beard.

All in all, it’s up to you to decide what makes you look and feel best, with or without a beard. The most important thing is your self-confidence, no matter your facial hair appearance!


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