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Personna Razors, One of The Best Gentle Shave Products

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personna razors

Shaving can be bugging for some, especially for people with sensitive and easily irritated skin. Usually, the wrong way of shaving can result in several skin irritations, such as redness, bumps, flaky skin, and even razor burn!

The beauty of shaving is that it’s an easy, accessible process. However, when you have followed all the tricks for gentle shaving yet still face irritations from the blades each time, it’s time to consider other options, like replacing your conventional razors with safety razors. 

Worry not; the options for good safety razors on the market are plenty! One of the best sensitive-skin razors out there is the Personna razors. We have compiled all of the info needed for this razor. Explore further about this brand here!

Personna Razors: Performance and Features

personna razors
personna razors

Personna has a long history of being the first to launch safety razors in America, and now they are part of Edgewell Personal Care Group. They continue with their commitment to quality innovation by expanding product lines in wet shaving products, including razors.

Their product is divided into two categories: Men’s Products and Women’s Products. However, the razor blades in both categories offer similar characteristics: they are sharp, sturdy, and capable of bringing a gentle shaving experience to the skin.

Personna provides double-edged razor blades with comfort-coated stainless steel material. Usually, they sell their products in 2 alternatives: fit-for-trial five packs or fit-for-bulk-buy 100/200 packs.

The blade has medium aggression, hence the capability to provide the best shaving experience without needing too much effort. Also,

On top of that, Personna blades fit most safety razor products in the market.

All in all, this product is a good investment if you’re aiming for a convenient, gentle shaving session.

Pros and Cons of Personna Razors

personna razors
pros and cons personna razors


With its excellent built quality and performance, this razor blade is truly prominent for your gentle shaving product choices. Here is a list of the good things about this razor:

  • A great option for starters
  • Offers comfortable wet shaving experience
  • Help avoid skin irritation
  • Sharp and sturdy blades
  • Flexible to use due to its double-edged razor blades
  • Compatible with most safety razors in the market
  • Medium level of aggression
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Comfort coated


Despite its promising claims, this product has its few downsides, such as:

  • Not all types provide blade dispensers
  • It needs extra care to be kept for a long time (always keep it dry!)

Types of Personna Razors

Red Israeli

Personna Red Israeli
Personna Red Israeli

Similar to its name, this blade is specifically imported from Israel.

Red Israeli is the perfect blade for your next shave. They have an affordable price and provide a nice edge and comfort while cutting hair. They’re even great if you suffer from sensitive skin!

While not quite as sharp as other types, this type still provides a comfy shaving experience with no excessive pulling and irritation. This feature makes Red Israeli suitable for shaving beginners.

However, if you have a long, thick beard, this may not perform that well. But if a heavy beard is not on your list, it is safe to give this type a go.

Lab Blue

Personna Lab Blue
Personna Lab Blue

This type is the most popular among others. The Lab Blue blade is similar to the Medical Prep one.

This blade is known for its extreme sharpness, which makes it perfect to use on people who have sensitive skin or thinning hair. The thick coating also plays a big role in making this blade safer for the skin.

Also, this type comes at an affordable price compared to other types in the same brand. Therefore, if you’re aiming for blades that offer a clean shave finish and are reasonably priced, you have to give this one a go.

Medical Prep

Personna Medical Prep
Personna Medical Prep

Living up to its name, Medical Prep is commonly used for medical procedures. However, anybody is welcome to use this product as they like—it is not limited to health workers only!

Due to its initial purpose, this product comes with burr removal. This feature makes it prominent compared to other blade types. However, though specifically made for medical purposes, this is a non-sterilized blade, so you will have to sterilize it before use.

This type is made of stainless steel, hence its durability. Also, it offers a smooth glide during use with a clean close-shave result.

Based on its beneficial features, you will have to spend more bucks on this one.


Personna Platinum
Personna Platinum

Personna’s Platinum blade is actually similar to the Red Israeli one. The main difference is the packaging and manufacturers.

Also, this blade is made of super stainless Swedish steel material with long-lasting platinum chrome. Therefore, this type is suitable for you who are looking for a razor blade in the long run.

A superb shaving performer, this blade offers a comfortable shave with a clean and close shave result. Moreover, this Platinum blade is quite versatile; it fits any double-edged safety razor.

Great news for bulk buyers: Personna Platinum blades also come with 200 packs for longer use!

Most Frequently Ask Questions

Which razor blade is best for pubic hair?

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best razor blade for pubic hair. The first is the type of razor you want to use. Different razor blades offer different performances, including sharpness and durability.

The second thing to consider is the length of your pubic hair. If you have shorter hair, you’ll want to use a blade that’s designed for that purpose. Otherwise, you could end up cutting yourself or causing irritation.
Some people prefer a closer shave, while others like to leave a little bit of stubble. There’s no right or wrong answer here — it’s all about what you’re comfortable with. If you’re not sure which razor blade is right for you, we recommend opting for the Red Israeli one. Why?
Red Israeli blade is known to be less sharp compared to other types. Since pubic hair is located in one of the most sensitive parts of your body, it is best to pick this kind of blade to avoid the possibility of irritation or over-shave.

How long should a razor blade last?

Ideally, you will have to replace your razor blade after 5-7 shaves. However, the longevity of each razor blade might be different for each person, depending on the treatment.

The easiest way to know whether your razor blade needs to be replaced is by looking at these signs:

  • Visible rust appears
  • Damaged blades
  • More ingrown hairs after shaving
  • A close shave is starting to be too hard to achieve
  • The blade doesn’t glide as smoothly


If you’re looking for a gentle shave, Personna Razors are some of the best products on the market. With blades that are designed to give you a close, comfortable shave without irritation, Personna Razors are perfect for those with sensitive skin. Give them a try and see how much smoother your shaves can be!


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