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Harry’s Razors Review, One of the Best for Shaving

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Harry's razors review

Are you looking for a new razor? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll look at Harry’s Razor, one of the best razors on the market. We’ll discuss its features, benefits, and why it’s such a great choice for shaving. So without further ado, let’s get started with Harry’s razors review.

Harry’s razors review: Performance and features

Harrys Razor
Harrys Razor


The Truman and Winston razors come with the same number of blades that can be purchased separately. Because Harry’s manufactures their razors in Germany, their blades are known as German 5-blade razors.

The blades have a flex hinge that allows you to shave even the most difficult-to-reach areas. The blades also have a lubricating strip to reduce irritation and allow for precise trimming.


Regarding design, only a few razors come close to matching Harry’s razor. The razor has a unique handle and a sleek head that looks great on the bathroom sink.


Harry’s razor handle is rubberized for a better grip while shaving. The handle is also slightly slick, with a smooth back, sides, and dotted craters on the underside.

While the smoothness makes the razor appear fashionable, it is less secure than razors with larger rubber grips. A ridge at the top of the handle allows you to rest your index and middle fingers for added control when shaving.


Harry’s razor comes with a cartridge that includes several features that, unfortunately, most people overlook when purchasing a razor. Harry’s razor has five blades and a larger razor head than competitors like the Gillette Fusion5.

Pros and cons Harry’s Razors



  • High-quality package sets from Harry’s include 5-blade razors, face wash, shave gel, and other shower products and accessories.
  • Their products are sulfate and paraben-free, and you can use them with confidence that you are not supporting animal cruelty because they are not tested on animals.
  • Harry’s razors are designed to provide the most comfortable shave possible. Everything, from the ergonomic to the easy-to-hold handles that will not slip even when wet shaving, is designed to work for you.
  • The products are reasonably priced, owing primarily to Harry’s use of a factory in Germany.
  • Instead of worrying about where and when to buy the next razor, Harry’s subscription system ensures that you always have blades and shaving gel shipped to you every couple of months.
  • You are entitled to a full refund if you purchase the products and discover that they are not what you expected.


  • While razors are advertised to be suitable for all skin types, they are more suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  • According to some reviews, some customers claimed that the razors hurt their skin.
  • The subscription service does not allow you to include additional products, such as body wash.

Types of Harry’s Razors

The Truman – Harry’s razors review

The Truman
The Truman

The Truman refill cartridges include five sharp German blades and a precision trimmer for those hard-to-reach areas. Furthermore, guys who come in four times a week say their eighth shave is just as smooth as their first.

The Truman handle features a textured grip pattern and a weighted core for optimal grip and control. Furthermore, it has better ergonomics than our previous handle design. Other than you, it might be the best-looking (and feeling) thing in your bathroom. 

The Winston – Harry’s razors review

The Winston
The Winston

Sharp, durable blades, a flex hinge, a lubricating strip, a precision trimmer for sideburns, and hard-to-reach places like under your nose provide everything you need for a close, comfortable shave.

The ergonomic body is made of die-cast zinc and polished graphite for an excellent finish, and it has a rubberized grip for better control. Get it engraved for a more personalized experience.

Most Frequently Ask Questions

How many shaves can you get out of Harry’s razor?

The lifespan of Harry’s blades will vary depending on your hair type, shaving routine, and blade care habits. Most people like to replace their razor blades every 6-8 shaves or whenever they become dull.

What is the deal with Harry’s razors?

Harry’s care products are made with high-quality ingredients and materials, but they are significantly less expensive than many competing brands. The brand’s five-bladed razors are made from Swedish steel in a German factory producing blades since 1920.


All in all, Harry’s razors are a great value. They’re affordable, durable, and have a quality blade that gives a close shave. Harry’s is worth checking out if you’re looking for an inexpensive razor option that will last. Have you tried Harry’s razors? What did you think?


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