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When it comes to fashionable feet, the devil will be in the details. If you’re in the casual club, the practical club, or the athletic club, some of these observations aren’t going to matter to you in the least, but for the fashion forward, one of the best places to look to get your accurate judgments going, is right down at somebody’s feet. You might put effort into clothes chopping online, but you need to apply those principles to your shoes as well.

So, for the purposes of argument, consider the shoes, the socks, the laces, and for different occasions and climates, sandals, and of course, pedicures. And yes, that goes for both women and men. You can be ultra chic, but if people see claws on your toes, that’s grounds for game over.

The Shoes

So beginning with fashion shoes, the idea is, for better or for worse, to copycat the people who have already been deemed the icons of the season. There are some truly ugly, impractical, and expensive versions of these trends, and then there are some truly amazing ones that are the best of the best when it comes to comfort, quality, and design. But unless you’re already on the A-list, wherever those chips fall, you’ve just got to follow suit.

The Socks

Socks are next on the list, and here’s where you can head a few different directions. You can buy clean, sleek, expensive, long-lasting formal-type socks, and have them match to your shoes for classic fashion, or you can go with the crazy socks, and be fashionable, because you’re obviously crazy. And depending on your environment, you’ll probably want to attract one of those crowds specific to your style, but most likely not both.

The Laces

Shoelaces play a role in your fashion as well. Particularly if you’re into the fashion of either athletics or vintage-wear, people with a trained eye can see if you’re cutting corners on that particular detail. It’s amazing how many brownie points that you can get for having original laces on shoes that are considered collector’s items, so that’s something to keep in mind as you’re purchasing footwear.

The Sandals

And there’s fashion to be had at the beach as well! Your standard $10 flip-flops aren’t going to cut it if you’re trying to gain the eye of someone who knows their styles, so plan on paying some cash for both the brand and the quality of materials that go into a good pair of kicks that can handle the sand.


And if you’re going open-toed, either with fancy shoes for women, or open-toed sandals for men, there’s a lot to be said for getting a good pedicure. The cost is pretty minimal, your feet get pampered for a half hour, and then clean edges on your nails will impress the right crowd.


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