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Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Review – Stylish & Affordable

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Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Review – Stylish & Affordable

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Panasonic Shaver reviews are always a delight and this one is no different. The Panasonic Arc3 ES8103S is a stylish shaver equipped with a triple blade cutting system designed to make the shaving process quick and efficient. It comes packed with an AC adapter, pop-up trimmer, Nano-tech blades, a pivoting shaver head that is strong and flexible, and arch coils that ensure that the toughest hair is removed. The use of all these features and components result in a smooth and close shave in a very short time.

Panasonic Arc3’s Blade Speed And Material

The shaver operates on a small motor that has a frequency of 13000 cycles per minute. The speed is clearly not the fastest possible, but it is efficient enough to get all stubborn hairs eliminated without any pulling and tugging. Embedded in the shaver is the pop-up trimmer that makes it easy to work on finer details while trimming, especially in the hard to reach areas of the face. The shaver can also float along the facial contours to remove all the hair as it goes thanks to the flexible head that is pivotal.

The blades of the shaver are coated with Nano particles, which allow a very close shave removing all hair from the stub. A slit foil that is designed to go through long beards makes it easier for the blades to cut the long and tough hair instantly.

Features That Arc3 Provides

The shaver has a glorified feature of all the Panasonic shavers, which is the wet or dry option. This allows one to shave without necessarily being close to the sink or any source of water. This ensures that the user has all the comfort that he may need while shaving.

The electric shaver operates on a long lasting lithium ion battery, which is fully rechargeable. The amount of power required to recharge the battery is very little which ensures that the additional power cost are minimum. It takes an estimated time of half an hour to charge to full capacity and 45 minutes to discharge during operation. One can thus shave without interference from the bulky cords that irritate and limit movement, making it quite portable. A handy travel pouch that is very light in weight allows one to carry it to anywhere with a lot of ease.

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The process of cleaning the shaving device is made relatively easy by its vibration. It has a sonic vibrating code running at a speed of 17000 revolutions per minute. Under running water, the vibration helps to remove bacteria, debris, and all other deposits from the device leaving it looking clean and hygienic for the next shave. Its circuit is well protected against water thus, one can wash it without the risk of short circuiting or damaging it.

Price of Panasonic Arc3

The pricing of the shaver is very cost effective. This is due to the fact that all the main and necessary features are included along with the flexible pivotal head, which for the price, are rarely found in a shaver. The maintenance cost is quite low as it includes only the yearly replacement of blades to ensure its continued great functionality. The costs of hygienic solutions or cleaning cartridges for this shaver do not apply.

Downsides of Ar3

As with nearly all products, the shaver has its downsides as well. Most of the latest advancements in technology have not been incorporated into the device, as with the newer versions of shavers in the market today. These are features such as automation of the charging and cleaning system.

The automation is useful in maintaining the quality and sharpness of the blades as well as saving the time that one uses to clean it manually. Another downside to it is that the regular blades, because of the missing ultra-thin coil, cannot remove very fine hair particles.

The three-foil system that includes the finishing foil that gets rid of stubborn hair and lift tech foil is also not included in this shaver, which greatly hampers with the quality of shave that it delivers. Its motor speed is as well not nearly as fast as for the later motor systems introduced in other similar Panasonic shavers.

Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 shaver is without a doubt a good bargain for a mid-range shaver. It offers a great performance and a long battery life all at a very reasonable price.

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